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Transportation Secretary Mary Peters

Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters entered the blogosphere on April 29 with a blog called the Fast Lane. Looks like FHWA, FTA, and other DOT officials will also contribute to the blog. Comments are allowed on the blog, so they are interested in a two-way conversation.

It is good to see transportation officials embracing modern communication methods. Let us hope Stephanie Kopelousus, Florida’s Transportation Secretary, follows the example and begins an official Florida DOT blog. Or it would be nice to see the District Secretaries blogging and taking comments from the public on local projects. Perhaps we could suggest it. Email the Secretary at if you want to suggest the idea.

For our regular readers, you will definitely notice the changes.  For those who may be joining us for the first time, you’re looking at an evolution in progress.  TransitMiami has left Blogger as its platform for communicating with you, and has moved to WordPress.  WordPress offers a bit more flexibility, more stability, and loads more opportunity for managing the information we want to provide to you, our members.

As we continue to expand more into WordPress, to start using more of its capabilities, we may experience some growing pains.  For example, right now, some of our members are unable to see that we’re back up and running after a short break.  Problems like these should iron themselves out as the domain registrar change that just went through ripples through the Internet Blogosphere.

After these somewhat minor issues do work themselves out, and the lights come back on for all of our readers, our bloggers will soon learn that they have more tools at their hands that will enhance their experience of writing.  This should allow us to deliver the transit and urban development news to you faster, clearer, and in a format that is easy to read!


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Apparently blogging your opinion on a local condo development could get you fired, sued, or both! Lucas Lechuga, of Miami Condo Investments, was the lucky recipient of a $25 million defamation lawsuit from Miami developer Tibor Hollo for writing:
”My opinion is that this development is doomed…”


“This developer went bankrupt in the 1980′s and I think we’ll see a repeat performance within the next 6 months. What do I know, though? I’m no real estate oracle.”

Apparently Hollo didn’t go bankrupt in the 80′s and wants to set the record straight. Meanwhile EWM’s Ron Shuffield felt the blog illustrated a negative connotation and plans to review with their 800+ Realtor staff the do’s and don’t of blogging…

I believe this whole thing has been blown disproportionately out of the water, starting with an exorbitant $25 million for defamation. How can anyone quantify that much in damages to begin with? Luckily for Lechuga, the lawsuit likely won’t hold much water in court according to herald interviews with local attorneys. From what I can tell, this has the appearance of a glorified publicity stunt amid a crumbling housing market. Who am I to say anyway? Only time will tell…

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Staring at defeat and adversity, MVB has chosen to call it quits. Once resolutions passed essentially creating a new Marlins’ ballpark at the OB, creating the port tunnel, and initializing funding for the Miami streetcar, we guess the administrators of MVB saw no valid reason to keep the site going. Vert’s wacky humor (monorail ideas included) will be missed and yet another voice in the planning community has succumbed to the pressures of our given market…Farewell MVB…

Given the sudden disappearances of Bob: Miami, stuck on the palmetto, and the disbandment of MVB, we would like to assure our readers that the writers of Transit Miami remain committed to serving the best interests of our community. It is, after all, our only intention to better the community we live in and create public spaces which are livable for all Miamians…

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