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Considering that interested parties will be meeting with Representative Luis Garcia to discuss the Brickell Avenue resurfacing project, I thought it was time again to bring attention to some of the current design problems regarding crosswalks on Brickell Avenue.

Previously, I showed a couple videos illustrating some of the current problems pedestrians face on this important street.  The first, showed the disregard for pedestrians at intersections and the second showed an odd problem that prevents crosswalks from turning green when the drawbridge on Brickell Avenue is up (even when one is blocks away from the current bridge).

When I shot those videos,  I also shot one showing the current problems faced by pedestrians to get across Brickell Avenue due to the lack of crosswalks.  As the street is designed now, crosswalks are located at unsatisfactory intervals - especially considering the density of the surrounding neighborhood.

In the following video, I left an office building and wanted to get across the street.  Rather than just cross at the nearest intersection (as is common in ANY urban environment), I walked to the closest crosswalk going south - as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) currently expects me to do.  What should have been a 30 second trip, became an unbelievable long 8+ minute journey.   According to FDOT this is an acceptable situation for the densest urban area of the entire State of Florida.  I nevertheless think otherwise.


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It seems like we can’t get a handle on the broken pedestrian crosswalk signal problem that plagues our city.

Calle Ocho and SW 5th Avenue This pedestrian crosswalk signal has been broken for at least 3 weeks

SW 7th Avenue and South Miami Avenue. This pedestrian crosswalk signal has been broken for at least 1 week

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