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Matthew Tucker, from the University of Minnesota College of Design and a former Senior Associate at Hargreaves, will be visiting Florida International University (FIU) and giving a presentation on the design and construction of South Pointe Park and discussing the topic of paradigm shifts in landscape architecture.

Tuesday, January 22 — 6:15pm

Paul L. Cejas Architecture (PCA) Building, Room #175

11200 SW 8th Street , Miami, Florida 33199



Matthew Tucker’s professional background and reasearch interests focus on re-purposing contaminated urban sites, with particular emphasis on waterfronts, as generators of public and private re-investment, and emerging definitions of urban nature. He will also discuss the design and construction of South Pointe Park as a part of his talk.

Transit and transportation are almost never issues that come stress free. Public art is one remedy to alleviate that stress. Check out this somewhat representational and yet somewhat abstract large scale outdoor sculpture to be erected at the intersection of two main highway arteries in Missouri. The selection is based on a visibility issue as well as any therapeutic value, however, art, anywhere, is always a good thing. We shouldn’t forget the visually soothing phenomenon of water, so abundant in Miami. How could it be further capitalized upon?

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Miami Beach is stepping up its commitment to art in public spaces in a big way. The renderings for the marble sculpture “Drift”, by Spanish artist Inigo Manglano-Ovalle depict the forthcoming behemoth that will soon arrive on the shores of South Pointe Park. The 16 foot tall abstract representation of an iceberg that has broken off from the continental shelf and floated to South Beach pushes the individual to examine the harsh realities of climate change. As a part of the overall renovation of the park, Miami Beach city commissioners made a significant declaration of their commitment to beautification, the arts, and the responsibility to remain vigilant in the examination of contemporary issues in art, as well as global issues. The selection of the world renowned artist was influenced by his numerous other installations across the US.

The suspended chrome cloud that has been on display at the opening of Zaha Hadid’s Contemporary Arts Museum in Cincinnati among many other locations is another example of the artists intense observations of the world in which we inhabit, the experience of being in that world and the effect we have on it. Earlier work focused on issues of migration and immigration and while some artists path seem to migrate deeper, toward a particular, smaller if you will, subject, Manglano-Ovalle’s subject matter continues to be expansive, moving toward larger more universal objects and concerns.

The physical articles created to encapsulate the many themes of his work are consistently pieces of unprecedented beauty. They are both incredibly simple and vastly complicated, expressionistic and highly calculated, whose tangible qualities alone dictate their classification as high art. The opportunity to have such a sculpture, outdoors, in the public realm, as a permanent installation is a privilege.

Like another Manglano-Ovalle sculpture of an iceberg, that is seen as its whole self, including all that would ordinarily be submerged, the people of Miami can look forward to the installation of this art, knowing there will be more and more to be discovered in what lies beneath. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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We’re all used to the stunning aerial footage generously provided to us by local amateur photographer/RC Pilot James Good, but I’m afraid he’s outdone himself this time with some amazing video footage shot from South Beach’s South Pointe:

Click here for the classic still frames…

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