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If you keep up with the local or national news you have probably heard that president-elect Barack Obama will create an Office of Urban Policy when he takes office in January. You have probably also heard that none other than our very own Mayor Manny Diaz is being bandied about as a potential candidate to lead the office. My gut feeling is that Barack may go someone like Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institute, but we shall see.

Regardless of his choice, this is has potential to be an incredible step forward for cities in America. It seems like many other things, Barack correctly understands that this is no longer a rural nation comprised of a constellation of small towns, but rather a nation of rather amorphous mega-regions comprised of growing cities and their vast asteroid belt of suburban nowheres. Together, they create unique problems that need holistic thinking at the federal level. Three cheers for Barack Obama on this one, folks.

Do you want a say in what this new office tackles first?

Visit this brand new site and have your say on what issue #1 is for urban policy in America. My top vote went to changing zoning policy to support more walkable and transit supportive urban development, followed by rebuilding our formerly  world class rail system.

Go vote and let us know your top two or three choices.

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