A few weeks ago we wrote about the abysmal pedestrian conditions along SE 1st Avenue.  We met with William Plasencia from Commissioner Sarnoff’s office after we posted this article and he promised us that the Commish would respond. Well it looks like Commissioner Sarnoff has delivered some small improvements.

Inexpensive, but effective traffic calming.

Just this past weekend I saw these “Yield to Pedestrian” signs in the middle of the road along SE 1st Avenue. The impact of these signs can be felt immediately.  On Saturday I witnessed dozens of cars moving more slowly along this street and drivers even stopped for pedestrians in the crosswalks. This is a perfect example of inexpensive traffic calming, that can be easily implemented and will save lives.

This is a big first step, but there is plenty of work yet to be done on this street. There should be crosswalks at every intersection of this road.  There are still intersections where the crosswalks are non-existent.  We’ll give Commissioner Sarnoff a solid “C+” for effort and a Transit Miami Shout-Out. Well done Mr. Sarnoff, but there is plenty of room for improvement still.

We are still trying to get Commissioner Sarnoff to commit to a Brickell field trip with us. Hopefully he will take us up on our offer.

Please send Commissioner Sarnoff an email thanking him and his office for being proactive. We need to give credit where credit is due.


8 Responses to Picture of the Day: Sarnoff Delivers on SE 1st Avenue

  1. Kevin says:

    Oh, awesome! This is definitely needed. Thank you Sarnoff!


  2. Andres says:

    I can definitely appreciate these types of temporary measures, but major infrastructure changes need to be made in the future for the city to grow the right way. Let’s keep the momentum moving forward.


  3. Andres, the city has a pretty cool plan that is funded for that street to include a green buffered bike lane. However, there is a new condo construction project that will periodically tear up the road, so the city tabled it for a year until it’s completion.


  4. Mike Moskos says:

    And it makes it safer for the chickens to cross over from the field to the Metrorail station grounds. It is pretty amusing to watch them walking/half flying over.


  5. CGF says:

    Great work and very inexpensive without the rigamarole of FDOT. We got these signs in South Beach and they have made a big difference. You’d be surprised how little it takes. Much of the battle is awareness and education. Visual reminders go a long way to calming traffic and creating an environment conducive to sharing the road.

    Enjoy the signs and encourage your Commissioners to think more like this. Don’t let them tell you it costs too much money, it involves too much red tape or that it won’t work.


  6. M says:

    I’ve just sent an email asking for the same painted crosswalk and yellow sign on N. Miami Ave. and 40th Street in the Design District. Many who work in the Design District have to park on the opposite side of Miami Ave and crossing the street is very dangerous. I think it will be useful to have an official crosswalk there during the Artwalk also. Here’s hoping I get the same response you all did on SE 1st Ave.


  7. Bananers says:

    Yay Sarnoff. Oh wait, no. He’s corrupt and shouldn’t be in office.


  8. Lady Bird Johnson says:

    Sarnoff is the same guy who votes for illegal LED billboards to be installed on every road in Miami.


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