Miami-Dade Transit has no plan to extend Metrorail nor is Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on their radar in the foreseeable future.  Take a look at their 10-year plan; complete fluff with no substance, no future transit vision, or measurable goals ( ie. add X miles of BRT or add X bus shelters, Baylink extension).  Essentially Miami Dade Transit has no game plan for the next 10 years. See for yourselves.


There is still time to let MDT know how elementary their 10 year plan is:

The MDT10Ahead draft document is now available for review on the MDT10Ahead project website.

 Please review the MDT10Ahead draft document and submit your comments by email or mail to: Miami-Dade Transit, Planning & Development, 701 NW 1st Court, 15th Floor, Miami, FL 33136. Correspondence must be postmarked no later than September 26th, 2014 in order to be considered for this update.


8 Responses to Miami Dade Transit’s 10-Year Plan is an Abomination

  1. Melissa Dynan says:

    Has their updated plan- from mtg in August- been made public yet? Curious how that may (not) differ. TY!


  2. Rima says:

    What a sorry excuse for a transit plan. I think what bothers me most about Miami Dade is not the current lack of adequate transportation, the gridlock that hits all major expressways every day at rush hour times and beyond, the rude drivers, the lack of bicycle lanes or safe pedestrian options, the speeding, the traffic pollution, or inadequate enforcement of traffic rules.

    What really bothers me is that there is no vision. Without a vision, nothing will change. Our “leaders” have a car-centric mindset. MOAR HIGHWAYS. Our citizens pay the price with wasted hours in traffic while inhaling toxic fumes. All the construction that is happening now will only worsen the situation. Perhaps when every single road is clogged, when every trip takes at least 2 hours, when asthma rates soar, will a lightbulb go off. until then let them fool everyone with their fake “service ratings” (how can I rate a non-existing service?) So, “how can transit services be further enhanced”? How about, create some transit services? Some ideas:
    1. Connect Miami Beach to Miami
    2. Connect downtown to Midtown
    3. Connect South Beach to North Beach
    4. Connect downtown to Coral Gables


  3. IvoSan says:

    is that a joke?


  4. ray says:

    that presentation is an insult!!!
    there is no plan for improvement!!!
    This is my vision for Miami-Dade Transportation System:
    1.Miccosukee Casino to Downtown(along SW 8th street)
    2.SunLife Stadium to Coconut Grove(along 27th ave)
    3.Downtown to Aventura(Biscayne BLVD)
    4.Downtown to Miami Beach(up and down each major causeway)
    Metromover: extended to Design District.
    Metrobus: to actually work.


  5. Hi there. My business partner is on the CITT. He, and I’m sure other members of the trust, want to see progress on this front just as much as all of you. Would any of the writers on this blog welcome an opportunity to get together for coffee sometime to discuss ways to work together on this? Please shoot me an email and we’ll set something up!


  6. Urbanity says:

    I don’t think Miami-Dade Transit is reaching the right audience with this 10 year plan. This is anecdotal evidence, but nearly all of my friends living in Brickell/Downtown have not even heard of it. Yet, they are using MetroMover multiple times per week because driving in and out of Brickell is becoming a nightmare. People living in the urban center of the county are going to become more transit dependent in the future as the roads become more congested with all of the new residential and commercial development under construction. By then, it will be too late to do anything. The time to act is now. Even something small like extending MetroMover to Wynwood and the Design District would be huge! We need to find ways to pay for it.

    With all of the new commercial and residential development, could the county not enact a transit impact fee for any new development within a 1/2 mile of MetroMover or MetroRail? I’m not an expert, but it seems like the demand for those residential and commercial developments would not wane if we had a small fee placed on them. That money could be used to actual transit expansion. I think having more quality transit near new developments would actually increase the value, allowing the developers to charge more and recoup their transit impact fee.

    What I would like to see from the county is that they are having these types of conversations and brainstorms, rather than giving us a few enhanced bus routes and calling that a plan.


  7. B says:

    1.) All CITT members should be actively following and interacting on media and social media such as Transit Miami-which has been proposing both minor and major fixes to our transportation system for years now.
    2.) All CITT members should be using Transit on a regular basis, and therefore, should not need coffee meetings to get updated on the many issues actual transit riders face on a daily basis.

    The CITT needs to FIGHT and ADVOCATE for using ALL of the half penny taxes on actual system improvement-no matter how small these improvements may be. The County simply cannot keep raiding these funds for filling in the operating budget gaps-this is NOT what voters mandated under the PTP!!! Operating budget is from the fares and the County general budget. PTP is for improvements and expansions.

    This said, based on the objectives and goals part of the report, it seems MDT is finally starting to address some of the “small” issues which really do matter for regular transit riders: safe, convenient pedestrian and cyclist access to stations and transit hubs, more and better bike parking options, 3-Bike racks on busses, and full GPS tracking on busses, which they seem to be planning for some time next year.


  8. Mike Arias says:

    No major mass transit improvements for the next 10 years is bad news. In the next 5 to 10 years the population in Miami Dade is scheduled to double to 5 million residents without having the proper roadway and mass transit infrastructure in place.

    If anyone thinks traffic gridlock is currently bad on our congested and hazardous public roadways I hate to envision what it is going to be like in the next 5 to 10 years. Heaven help all of the residents in Miami Dade !!!!

    Please let your voices be heard by contacting all of the local elected officials this proposed NO MASS Transit expansion plan is simply NOT acceptable to local residents.


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