Since December, The Florida Public Transportation Association has been conducting an online survey regarding statewide attitudes among Floridians regarding public transit. The surprising results of the survey were released recently:

  • 66% of respondents say that, during a trip in Florida within the last month, they consciously wished that they had a convenient public transit option as an alternative to the costs and hassles of traffic and parking.
  • 93% say that gas prices will rise or “skyrocket” in the next decades.
  • 79% agree that, “Florida needs to invest now in transit infrastructure to competitively attract jobs, tourists, retirees, and new business centers in the future”.
  • 93% think that public transit is becoming increasingly important to Florida’s future.
  • 52% of respondents identified themselves as “a business person”.
  • 42% say transit is so important to Florida’s future that they are willing to help spread the message to their elected officials and the community.

While there are a variety of reasons for Floridians to choose transit over driving, the top three benefits of transit according to the survey are:

  1. Transit is a good alternative to fighting traffic congestion.
  2. The cost savings of transit over driving are considerable.
  3. Transit decreases American dependence on foreign oil.

Wes Watson, Executive Director, said, “With gas creeping back up, with Florida’s population growing, and gridlock getting worse, Floridians clearly think that public transportation is increasingly important to Florida’s future”. He also expressed delight that 42% of respondents are willing to help spread the word and said, “Look for a major announcement coming soon about organizing transit supporters in Florida”.

The survey was available to Floridians online at from Dec.-March 2010. The thousands of survey respondents included riders, elected officials, and business leaders.

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