While plans move forward to expand I-595 in Broward, Palm Beach and Martin County commissioners are working on a plan to bring east-west Tri-rail service along the beeline expressway. The commissioners hope to one day use the existing CSX rail tracks to link research and biomedical facilities in the works in both counties. Unlike their Broward counterparts, these commissioners see the financial advantage of not widening roads and instead using our money wisely:

“Koons estimated that widening the road to accommodate development could cost $1 billion…”

“Many of those developments are running into traffic concerns because parts of SR 710 are getting congested. Future development could be prohibited if the highway isn’t widened. Using commuter rail could reduce the need for widening, Koons said, and help solve affordable housing problems.

“You can afford more housing if you have to spend less on transit,” he said.”

Nice to know someone sees it…


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2 Responses to Rail Transit along the Beeline, Further Congestion on 595

  1. Anonymous says:

    A minor correction: SR 710 is the Bee Line Highway (SR 528 is the Beachline [f.k.a. Beeline] Expressway).

  2. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

    Thanks, I don’t venture into the region too often…

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