The all new Dubai Metro Project, originally uploaded by !efatima.

Coming soon: the Dubai Metro


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4 Responses to Transitography 37: The Dubai Metro

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is pretty ridiculous, a transit system with the safety and comfort of camel.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would be better to show the slave/workers that keep the city running but are never seen nor heard or even paid for that matter. The third nation workers are imported and exported when they want to get paid. Think Dubai is nice step outside of the tourist parts of the city and get ready to be SHOCKED!

  3. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

    Anon 2-

    Oh we’re aware of their abominable human rights…They often seize the passports of incoming Asian workers and force them to work for little more than food and living space…How else could Burj Dubai rise so quickly?

    Mark my words, I’ll never visit Dubai…

  4. Anonymous says:

    This picute says it all, it’s great annalogy of what “is not” in the Middle East. Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait are amongst the list of countries all are progressing in the modern world and have their fair share of traffic problems. Kuwait resident higer TCN to drive them everywhere. How safe is that??? Many have never driven in their life and are being taught to drive by still yet a group of people who just 20 years ago never drove much. The rest is left to your imagination.

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