• Happy Valentines Day, Now go ride Tri-Rail for free (Sun-Sentinel)
  • Former Omni Mall stepping up security to boost public safety at the new mixed-use complex (Miami Today)
  • MDT is planning on buying 136 new rail cars for metrorail rather than refurbishing the existing ones. The anticipated cost is $200 million more than refurbishment. (Miami Today FYI)
  • Community Councils sticking around- for now (Miami Herald)
  • You can learn to drive, part 5 (Bicycles) (Critical Miami)
  • Miami’s own mini-ciclovia. These events need more publicity. (Miami-Forum)
  • MDT is shopping for more Bike Racks for Metrorail. Why it took 2 years is beyond me. (Spokes ‘n’ Folks)
  • What happens when Emerge Miami’s Critical Mass and Politicians collide? Commissioner’s Sanchez’s commitment to join the next ride. (Riptide 2.0)

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2 Responses to Mid Week News Links

  1. Transitdave says:

    Spend another 200 Mil for new metrorail cars instead of renovating the existing cars? Sure, money is no object…

    Next will be a proposal to pay for new metrorail cars with PTP funds, further undermining the financial standing of Miami-Dade’s Transit system, The situation that just last week got Metrorail’s North Corridor project downgraded, making Federal funding less likely.

    Naturally, County officials pledged to get the project’s financial rating improved, Guess someone forgot to send the County Manager the memo……

    Looks like round 2 of what is
    evidently an orchestrated campaign to undermine Miami-Dade’s Metrorail construction program is underway.(probably in favor of the miami streetcar or other half-assed solutions)

    But, remember, streetcars only cost 20% of Metrorail Miles….

    (And, only 10 times more than buses, but who’s counting, right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t think the cars needed refurbishing. I’ve ridden NYC’s subway many times and their cars seem much older than Miami’s, yet they’re still usable.
    Miami’s probably trying to attract more riders with attractive modern aesthetics.

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