• MDT’s Buses on the shoulder program is going well. With 50% fewer late buses the pilot program is looking good thus far along the Killian routes.
  • Last year’s fastest growing Transit System, Tri-Rail, is working the kinks out of its latest “service enhancements.” The agency is still struggling to gain dispatch control from CSX and last week experienced a dismal on time performance between 50-60%…
  • Remember those stupid trucks with billboards which drive around and cause congestion, pollute, and obstruct your view? Here are the people responsible
  • Sunpass will be selling at half price to placate 13,000 people who live in sprawl-land, or something of the sort…What I’d like to know is when we’re going to wake up and start using toll money to finance real transit projects… (Via SOTP)

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3 Responses to News Briefs

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, it seems all tolls collected by the MDX goes into building new tolls on MDX roadways. It would be nice if half or more of the funds went back into real transit projects that keep people off the roads.

  2. Ryan says:

    Yeah the approach is completely backward and emblematic of the “Miami Mentality” of growth that still permeates so much of the city and county.

    In New York, Mayor Bloomberg is trying to push through congestion pricing, similar to London where autos are charged at least $8 dollars during weekdays to enter the CBD. However, instead of taking the millions generated and reinvesting them into futile projects like widening roads and new roads, it is going toward major transit improvements city-wide.

  3. www.Miami-Forum.com says:

    Thanks for the add!! I really appreciate it.

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