Did anyone know there are plans for a people mover between Fort Lauderdale International Airport and Port Everglades? Neither did I until I heard about it from someone in the Office of Modal Development at FDOT a few weeks ago. The project has not made much news until recently, but there is an ongoing PD&E study to implement such a beast, known as Sunport. The plan is to get people from the airport to Port Everglades efficiently, using a system similar to what we see in many airports. Lea+Elliott, an engineering firm well known for designing automated people mover systems, is on board to help with the planning process.

The people mover system would also include an intermodal center where it crosses the FEC tracks, so it could connect to future Tri-Rail service in that corridor and allow passengers to get to area hotels as easily as the port.

Want to know more about Sunport? This Thursday, January 10, the airport and Port Everglades are hosting a public workshop on the project. Show up at 6PM at the Broward County African American Research Library Auditorium.


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5 Responses to Sunport People Mover workshop

  1. Steven says:

    The thing that stands out to me about this project is the re-alignment of Tri-Rail to the FEC corridor. While I have read the studies and agree with the intent of putting the train down those tracks (basically, the main argument is that those tracks pass through all the downtown areas including Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and all the other major cities), I feel that after they have spent so much time and money developing the corrent corridor that adding the same type of service not even one mile (as it is in Ft. Lauderdale) from the current tracks would be seen not only as a waste of money but completely redundant.

    If they wanted to run some sort of light rail down that corridor though, I would be all in favor of it. Especially in the Northeastern part of Miami-Dade County, where the cities are close together and very frequent, a light rail line would be extremely benefitial.

  2. JM Palacios says:

    The FEC study is an entirely separate project. I just brought it up because this one could connect to that one if they both come through. Your concern is definitely a valid one, and I am pretty sure one they are looking into. You don’t want to implement a service that competes with Tri-Rail, but one that complements it. Also, from what I have seen on their website, light rail is one of the options. The study is more about the corridor, and using the FEC right-of-way to implement additional mass transit, not simply using the existing FEC tracks. Sadly, their website hasn’t been updated in ages and we haven’t heard any project results or updates in the news. In the next few months we’re going to start digging up some information to see what we can post about it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Steven on the FEC corridor. After all the money that’s been invested on the current tracks, I don’t see a need to move service to tracks so nearby (a few blocks in some cases).

    On the other hand, the most important Tri-Rail corridors in my opinion are the Kendall corridor (going from MIA to Kendall) and the Broward corridor (going E-W from Sawgrass Mall to Downtown Fort Lauderdale). These would skyrocket ridership as these are heavily travelled routes and if Metrorail isn’t going to go to Kendall, then Tri-Rail should.

  4. JM Palacios says:

    Did anyone see the potential here? We can stop using the shuttle bus to get from Tri-Rail to FLL. Much like the Miami Intermodal Center, this people mover would get you from the (future) Tri-Rail station to the airport. Or, if you want to go on a cruise, take Tri-Rail and use the people mover to get to the port. For passengers, that’s better than the Miami Port Tunnel!

    They only expect 6 or 7 people at the Workshop tonight, as this doesn’t affect anyone’s houses. It does affect transportation that we can all use, so it’s worth going just to show your support. Don’t forget, tonight at 6!

  5. Daniel says:

    Now we know that the FEC/Tri-Rail really is being realigned, but what happened to this?

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