County Commissioners are on a mission - a mission to restore some of the ‘power’ that was stripped from them during the 2007 Strong Mayor Referendum. Commissioners have been discussing a ballot measure that would help restore some of the power taken from them nearly three years ago. While the current Mayor has done little with his new power (except build us a useless new baseball stadium), they have not done anything in the last three years to suggests that they deserve their power back.  Not only do they refuse to reform the PTP and implement real transit expansion, they were equally complicit in the “Global Agreement” that led to the Stadium (and Tunnel) as Mayor Alvarez . Their consistent inability to make informed decisions for the long-term well being of this community makes them the last group to give more power to. (We should be taking more responsibilities away from them, not restoring them!)

Case in point: the endless developer funded drama to expand the UDB and ignore smart planning. The latest round of Comprehensive Plan applications are coming around for final approval. Interesting to note is the application to move the UDB to accommodate office space - an application consistently denied by the County’s own professional planning staff (staff which are paid for by taxpayer dollars).

Commissioners: Why should we give you any more power when you don’t even listen to the professional planning staff that you employ to advise you on good policy. Not only is this unwarranted expansion bad planning, it goes against our own comprehensive growth laws. Our CDMP lays out the requirements that govern expansion (setting a very low bar to begin with). This application, by the planning departments recommendation, does not even meet the minimum threshold for appropriate expansion. So why the big push  for expansion? Who are you representing - the citizen’s interests or your own?

I for one will not vote to give any power to the commission until they show themselves to be true public servants. Vote to deny this application.


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3 Responses to Commissioners Upset Over Lack of Absolute Power

  1. M says:

    Well spoken. The commissioners haven’t done anything positive, but neither has the mayor. That I believe is our own fault for not supporting a better candidate or making our voices heard to the person in office. It is easier to convince one person that a whole commission.

  2. Taxpayer is disgusted says:

    The majority of the Miami-Dade County commissoners voted to divert over $3 Billion from the taxpayers and hand it to an out-of-state based private company, the Marlins. The Mayor was the main cheerleader for this travesty.

    This majority and the so-called stong mayor have earned no respect.

  3. Rog in Miami Gardens says:


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