On the bike ride to work this morning I stopped to snap a couple of photos. The first displays the Miami Arena on its way out. The second, the once beautiful and ‘coulda been saved if the political will was there, ala Coppertone Girl and Marine Stadium,’ East Coast Fisheries building on the Miami River.

As I bicycle around downtown it sometimes seems this city has had almost as many buildings knocked down as put up in recent years. Some had to go, but others… alas, another day, another demo.

5 Responses to Another Day, Another Demo

  1. joel says:

    a shame about the ECF building. i used to ride by that when i worked downtown. i always thought that the building must have had alot of history, and that someone should rehab it.

    oh well…


  2. Collin says:

    While some knock down historic sites, others have been restored and look quite good. These around Flagler in downtown, I wish I could think of the building names and intersections.


  3. Flagler First Condominium?


  4. Andy says:

    The Herald ran a story a few weeks ago about a 20′s building (med. revival) on SE 1st and 1st that was rennovated and used as a home for poeple just off the streets and in AA programs. It was done by a for-profit developer with grants for historic rennovation. That’s a success story and I wanted to contact the developers about the ECF building but then I saw it being rocked by the wrecking ball…


  5. Mike Lydon says:

    Hooray for success stories. I too have seen a few renovations done downtown. Cheers for that. However, I have also seen several classic arcade buildings torn down, too. The arcaded buildings get me because they are such a classic old Miami type, one that is climate responsive and architecturally alluring. Unfortunately, current building,zoning and street codes make it very difficult, if at all possible, to construct new buildings with properly proportioned arcades. The reason is mostly a traffic safety concern, as in the drivers will run in to buildings.



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