4 Responses to Biden Praises Miami’s ‘Grand Central Station’

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad the guy making the pitch is a notorious transit user.


  2. Mike Lydon says:

    That does bring a different level of weight, doesn’t it? It’s too bad, however, that our Central Station, is so far from downtown.


  3. Juan Felipe says:

    I partially agree with you. Yes, it would also be great if we could have our central station at Government Center (possibly expanded with an E-W line) and close to downtown and all of the important venues of the city. However, just think about the possibilities at the current MIC site: The proximity to the airport means that visitors -and residents alike- are greeted by a large, sleek station. Also, if we ever get the North and East-West Corridors this station will become the geographic center of the whole Metrorail network. Furthermore, it is a true intermodal center due to its proximity to the airport. Finally, to further enhance this “intermodal concept” a center for freight trains could be built adjacent to the MIC or nearby so that daily trains would be able to make the trip from the Port of Miami to the new center and deliver all cargo there to be picked up by the trucks which currently clog up the Park West area and that corridor of Biscayne Blvd This would eliminating the need for the Port Tunnel AND create thousands of PERMANENT jobs. In a recent New Times article, I read that 15-20% of the cargo that comes out of the port is transported by a train that makes the trip in and out of the port once a month at night (they literally open the gates to the drawbridge that links the port with the mainland just for the occasion). Thus, imagine the potential of this site and future development around it (in this case enabling our port to be able to expand and move cargo with greater speed and efficiency).


    I am grateful for Biden’s appearance at the Intermodal Center and was pleasantly surprised to see the NABI 60′ BRT bus on display alongside him decked in MDT colors. These are supposed to be used on the busway in the future and seeing them for the first time in half a year of absence makes me very hopeful of their purchase in the near future.


  4. Mike Lydon says:

    All great points JuanFelipe, and I mostlu agree with you too. The real problem that I see with the siting of the IMC is not necessarily its ability to make connections via other modes, its that the highest density of housing, jobs, services etc. is in our urban core, not near the airport. Thus, the opportunity to put people directly on top of the IMC is lost. Moreover, this seems to — at least for the time being — ensure that the FEC doesn’t see passenger rail, as all of the investment is taking place outside of the South Florida’s main spine-Biscayne/FEC corridor.

    Regardless, the IMC will add great improvements to the network, let’s just hope that E-W gets built some day and that more cargo can be picked up and delivered in this area.

    We appreciate your thoughtful reply.


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