Just when you thought the pedestrian experience on Brickell Ave couldn’t get any worse, it has! The city is installing some new car-centric billboards on the sidewalks of Brickell Ave.  We already had a number of them and now we are getting more. These billboards unnecessarily block the already narrow and dangerous sidewalks of Brickell Ave. As you will note from these pictures, the billboards are being installed right in the middle of the sidewalk, blocking pedestrians and bicyclists, and making for even more hazardous conditions. They could have been installed parallel (instead of perpendicular) and as far back as possible, but I imagine that would not cater to the cars stuck in traffic. Not only are they an obstacle and unsightly, they are dangerous. Someone is going to be seriously injured as a result of these billboards. Just yesterday I witnessed a lady with a stroller walking around one of these billboards, having to move so close to the street that her stroller was within inches of passing cars. Those who approved these sidewalk billboards must not walk regularly on Brickell Ave.  These advertisements are evidence of the car-centric culture and general disregard for pedestrians in the city of Miami. No amount of revenue is worth the inconvenience and hazards they billboards pose. I hope that our Brickell area representative in the city, Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, will do all in his power to remove (or at least move) these billboards so that our sidewalks are safer for the increasing number of residents, workers, and visitors that walk our streets.

Carlos Abril






5 Responses to Brickell Avenue Billboards Making Conditions Worse for Pedestrians

  1. Gables says:

    These signs (as well as the “murals”) throughout the city are UGLY. The truth is that aesthetics are also a quality of life factor that too often gets ignored. Having said that, we have to think about safety first and I agree, these signs aren’t safe, especially for people with disabilities of some kind.


  2. Jacob says:

    “…blocking pedestrians and bicyclists, and making for even more hazardous conditions.”

    Good post with relevant points, but bicyclists should not be on the sidewalks. Ride on the streets, please.


  3. Biker Bob says:

    This appears to be a trolley or bus stop, right? I think I see a sign and a bench right on the other side of the sign.


  4. Wallace Bray says:

    These bus stop ad signs are not just unique to Brickell. They are all over the county streets including Metrorail stations where there are no cars in the bus zones. And they hinder Security’s ability to monitor these bus zones effectively. It is obvious to me absolutely no thought went into the esthetics and safety of these signs or any sign that is placed in the pedestrian public right of way.


  5. ivo says:

    who paid for that sidewalk clutter?


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