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According to the New Times Carlos Bertonatti is back in the slammer.  Apparently Betronatti lied about only having a Venezuelan passport. It seems he forgot to mention that he also posses an Argentinean and a Romanian passport. Based on his past history of not showing up to court dates, Judge David Miller deemed him a flight risk and revoked his bail. He was sent straight to jail. Judge Miller has set an initial trial date for Bertonatti on May 3.

Thanks to Tim Elfrin from the New Times for following up on this story.

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10 Responses to Carlos Bertonatti is back in the slammer

  1. WM says:

    Is it true the biker was killed at 8:00 am?

    Is it true Carlos Bertonatti was a customer of Club Space minutes before getting into his car and murdering the biker?


  2. Grayson Peddie says:

    Yes for the first question, but I will wait for others to answer the second question. I believe it is yes, but don’t take my word for it. He is a drunk driver and hit a cyclist who’s in the bike lane. He also texted (in his phone) while driving.

    Drunk + Texting/Talking in phone + Drive = Asking for heaps of trouble. It’s a DUI and a vehicular manslaughter.


  3. Grayson Peddie says:

    And yeah, I’d like to thank Tim for keeping me up-to-date on what’s going on. Pleading “not guilty” is a shocker for me.


  4. @j2dahizzay says:

    It’s just criminals being criminals in good ole Dade County. Bienvenidos a Miami!


  5. […] blinding light illuminating everything is. The scumbag musician who killed a Miami cyclist in a drunken daylight hit-and-run is back in jail. It’s time to stop blaming scofflaw cyclists for the actions of motorists; I […]


  6. really? says:

    Is this really what transit miami is becoming the national enquirer of miami blogs? once known for great informative stories even mentioned in city/ county commission meetings it now adds mug shots and is leading a lynch mob for a skape goat? Common really felipe your doing more harm than good with the negative articles. You think the county will ever add bike lanes on any other causeway now that your it isn’t good enough attitude has caused PW to question whether bikes can be protected on roads. You are losing the war for a battle and stopping a great change in engineering culture that had taken a decade to forge.


  7. John says:

    “Really?”, mind my asking, but what the hell are you talking about? You make no sense.


  8. bikepacker67 says:

    Really? sounds like a real winner </rolleyes


  9. R Gonzalez says:

    Wouldn’t bikers be safer if there were less criminals driving drunk?


  10. BikerDude says:

    Wouldn’t bikers be safer if Club Space wasn’t emptying its drunk and drugged customers onto our streets every weekend?

    Bikers Lobby to Close Club Space.


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