Thanks to all who remain vigilant about this issue. I just received a new press release from the County recognizing that pedestrians and bicycles also use the Venetian Causeway. It essentially tells all non-motorized users to use a shuttle that will get them from either end of the bridge to the Metrobus “stations” on Lincoln Road and in the Omni where they can connect to normal routes traveling between the two cities along the MacArthur. While this is helpful and part of what we were asking for, it still does not address the need to provide a safe access route for those of us who desire an alternative and/or can’t afford or rather not  pay for a month worth of bus rides between Miami and Miami Beach.

If you read the comments section from the two previous posts you will realize that all us advocates are still being tossed around between the County and FDOT. It is increasingly evident that the County didn’t communicate to FDOT that the Venetian would be closed. Moreover, FDOT  states the County does play a role in possibly providing a safe alternative, whereas they say its outside of their jurisdiction., or simply to take the bus.

We would all be better off if the two bureaucracies would just routinely talk to each other in advance of an issues that overlap their jurisdictional boundaries. If they normally do, then it didn’t happen this time around.

In the meantime, let us know where you are sent/directed and we will keep pursuing a safe and timely alternative. If you haven’t clicked on the link above and are curious, the following bus lines are the ones you will likely become real familiar with over the next month:  C, M, S, K and the Night Owl.


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8 Responses to County Revises Press Release to Include Pedestrian and Bicycle “Detour;” Bureaucratic Run-Around Continues

  1. Anonymous says:

    I recommend calling your county commissioners. Let Gimenez, and Barreiro know about this.

  2. Ry says:

    If all 12 bridges are being worked on from now until October 2010, and 2 of these are bascule bridges, then the month of May will not be our only concern. The west bascule bridge will probably need to be closed also during these repairs and it’s much larger than the east bridge, hence it will probably be closed for a longer period of time. Not trying to be pessimistic, just stating what the future might hold.

    And the suggestion of the bus.. would they suggest the bus to drivers? Absolutely not, drivers can just take the MacCarthur or Julia Tuttle without much of a hindrance. But, cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, skaters (you know.. 2nd class citizens) are expected to take the bus as a solution. Well, I don’t take the bus now & shouldn’t have to because the streets are unsafe. I won’t spend money on the bus when I can get there quicker on bicycle, I wouldn’t ride the bus for FREE. One more thing.. what happens when there’s 5 cyclists waiting for the bus? They have to sit around all day waiting for a bus with an empty bike rack to show up?

  3. Mike Lydon says:

    Ry, you have summarized the issues cogently. I just spoke with Delfin at the County who is trying to find some sort of solution. No promises, as you could probably guess, but in the least digital signage telling motorists to be on the alert would be a rudimentary treatment.

    My largest concern is that someone not knowing the full risks involved is out on the MacArthur over the next 30 days and winds up being hurt, or worse killed, because FDOT/County did not take the needed precautions.

    and yes, contact County Commissioners as well!

  4. Ken says:

    Has anyone thought about bringing this to the attention of the media… I wonder if any of our local news channels/papers would be interested in this

    I for one cannot discontinue bicycling because of this… the bus is just not reliable enough. Factor in the time waiting for busses and my day just got a whole lot less productive, and paying for that lack of productivity is not an option. I personally will be stuck spending about 12 HOURS biking over that causeway during the month, some of which will be late at night

    Mike, I hate to say this… but I would be surprised if the entire month of May passes without a serious injury or death on MacArthur, unless something changes.

    Tomorrows agenda… waste half of my day getting the run-around… again. Try to get somebody from the press to take interest, county commissioners is a great idea as well

    I am not a lawyer… but could the county be held accountable if something horrible does happen? Their poor planning could end up leading to death for someone

  5. Mike Lydon says:

    Hi Ken. I agree with you. Felipe Azenha contacted the Herald two days ago and they were receptive, calling him back for more info. I believe he will be talking to them tomorrow.

    Like you, I rely on cycling for my living. In fact, for much of the month of May I am to cycle most streets in the city of Miami for the Miami Bicycle Master Plan, so you can imagine how this affects that effort!

    The City is also meeting with FDOT tomorrow to discuss the issue. I will share any news I hear from that meeting.

    Keep the pressure on people.

  6. Rob Jordan says:

    It would make sense to distribute a petition to bike stores and other bicyclist-friendly locales with details on the closing(s) and a call for meaningful accommodations for bicyclists?
    I have a feeling there are quite a few car-less people who depend on the Venetian route for their safe daily commute. If their voices could be harnessed, the state and county might actually do something.
    And what about all the recreational cyclists who use the causeway on weekends? Maybe they’d be interested in speaking up too.
    I will take some flyers to bike stores on the beach as a start.

  7. Mike Lydon says:


    GREAT idea. I am unfortunately going to be in a two day’s worth of meetings, starting today. Thus, my time is limited. If you want to spearhead this effort, all the better. I could, however, meet up with you and anyone else who is interested this weekend to collect signatures. However, something in fact be worked out by then. Miami City Officials are meeting with FDOT and will be trying to broker a solution. Hopefully, something positive comes of that effort.

  8. kingofrance says:

    this is not the first time the Venetian has been closed down for repairs. The last time we just went over the Macarthur. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t killed.

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