3 Responses to EasyCard Potential

  1. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    I’m excited about the EasyCard. MDT is finally doing something right! I ordered mine online the other day. I’m expecting it in the mail any day now. Whoohoo!


  2. Prem says:

    unfortunately, MDT hasn’t really done much in the way of helping people understand the new system.
    Today I heard a bus driver telling two elderly people that if they didn’t get the new easy card they’d have to pay $2 for every transfer. These people were in their seventies at the least! and they’re expected to go all the way to downtown gov’t center for a free easy card?

    I like this easy card thing but i won’t ever use it as a student.
    i hope they get their act together, because thursday, i don’t think, will go “smoothly”


  3. Anonymous says:

    Even worse, they’re eliminating the use of cash on buses completely and when I went to 2 different stores on the beach, they both were completely out of cards (and told me that there weren’t any cards to be bought on all of south beach!), and they had no idea when they were going to get refills.

    What do tourists do if they want to ride the bus downtown? Will they be told they have to have a card (wasting time on their vacation), then they go get a card (at one of 4 very distantly spaced sales locations), only to be told they don’t have cards? Seems like another poorly executed Miami-Dade program.


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