By now, we’re sure most of you have heard that Gov Rick Scott has killed the Florida HSR project linking Tampa and Orlando. While we put the finishing touches on our official response and reaction to the Governor’s (imprudent) decision - we’d like to hear your thoughts…


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23 Responses to Gov Scott Kills HSR - Transit Miami Wants to Hear Your Thoughts…

  1. Patricia says:

    This is so dissapointing. It makes me so angry that Floridians voted for someone who is determined to take this state backwards. How is it possible that in a state that has one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, doesn’t have a high speed rail to take people, who don’t depend on cars in their countries,t here? This was the first step towards amazing progress in Florida. How wonderful would it have been to have a rail that went from MIA to Orlando? How much more money in tourism would that have been? If he thinks he’s doing something different, he’s sadly mistaken. He’s just perpetuating the Florida decision process: If it makes sense, we’re not going to do it.

  2. TransitDave says:

    Sorry guys, but I saw this one coming……….High speed rail is ahead of it’s time in Florida, and as is so often the case with Federal Funds for such large projects, there were a lot of pitfalls and strings attached….Gotta go with the Guv on this one….and, fight the fights that we can win for Transit projects in So. Fla……FYI the entire high speed rail bill is DOA in congress……As my boss says, you can’t lose something you never had……..Even Tampa and Orlando shouldn’t shed a tear………..

  3. for the public says:

    Recall Rick Scott!!!!

    Add High Speed Rail on the Ballot!!!

  4. B says:

    I also have to agree with the Gov on this one. Perhaps when our economy improves, AND the State/Federal govt.s stop running massive deficits AND we have walkability and effective public transit in the major city centers AND the line being considered is Miami-Orlando or Miami-Jacksonville. Then we can talk about HSR.

    Don’t be fooled-I’m in favor of public transportation, but let’s not kid ourselves, we’re decades behind what Europe and Japan have in terms of local transportation! Just as we need to walk before we can run, we need to ride local light rail/heavy rail/BRT before we can ride HSR.

  5. CharlieNJ says:

    Great public transit infrastructure is what I crave (I read this blog right?) but I can’t help but agree a little with Scott on this. A link from Orlando to Tampa just didn’t make sense to me. You can’t operate in either city without a car; I just didn’t understand it but bit my tongue nontheless.

    A HSR link between Miami and Jacksonville might have been better used and received. I was always confused why that wasn’t the first priority.

    Even before we start the HSR, we really, as cities, counties, and a state need to invest in better mass transit at the local level. Currently that is in a sad state.

    I hate to agree with anything this Gov says or does, but he might be right about this.

  6. Tony Garcia says:

    To all the folks who agree (even partially) with Scott, how are we supposed to get to our multimodal goal if we dont start somewhere? To say that HSR is ‘ahead of its time’ or that our cities are ‘not ready’ is to play into the same defeatism that holds transit back in our cities. This is a polical game - it has nothing to do with the budget or the feasibility of HSR in Florida.

    Even if you agree that Tampa/Orlando was too short for true HSR (as I believe) it was just the first part of a larger system. If we continue to plan our transportation network in such a shortsighted way - we will certainly never have the mutlimodal network we desire or deserve.

  7. Malcolm says:

    I am so f**kin Pissed. What the hell is wrong with Him?Words can’t describe how pissed off I am right now. We can not let him do this. Who do he think he is? We need to protest and show people that this is the future of florida.I mean. He wanted to widen the freaking roads? it Doesn’t work. Haven’t we been doing this for years, and there is still congestion. I’m lost right now. I don’t know how to get my voice heard. WE really need to protest and stop him. Who can i Call?Who do email? How do I get my voice heard?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was Angry with GOV Scott..I still am, but he didn’t kill HSR because the first Corridor would be lesser fit then a Miami/Orlando link. The reason they but HSR to be built on the Tampa Orlando link is because the right of way was secure, and the environmental studies were complete. Us Floridians voted this backwords moron in office and now we have to suffer. Thank all the counties outside of South Florida and Hillsborough, Orange and Monroe who voted mostly republican.

    We will be crying come this summer when gas prices reach 2008 levels again.

  9. Rick says:

    That money will go to another state and be used by them. Meanwhile, we just missed the boat on 24,000 jobs.

    All to make a political point.

    Psst, Barack is still a Muslim. Pass it on.


  10. Steven says:

    While I think a Miami to Orlando corridor would have been more adventageous… or even Miami to Jacksonville for that matter, I think that Scott and the entire state legislature is letting us down right now big time. Its just part of a long list of cuts this state is making all in the name of removing the “social” aspects of government.

    Socialized healthcare? not in Florida! Socialized Education (public schools)? not in Florida! Socialized transportation (public transit)? not in Florida!

  11. UDB says:

    Perhaps most infuriating is the governor’s lame bulleted press release. It has no logical arguments, is filled with half truths, and caters to the fringe tea party crowd. For a governor who is supposed to be all about jobs, it is astounding how many jobs he’s leaving on the table in the name of partisanship.

    And so much for the conservative argument for transportation PPPs. This project was going to be built and operated by a private consortium that would agree to cover cost overruns. But what do you expect from a Medicare fraud artist?

  12. LauderdaleTom says:

    I don’t imagine he’ll be turning away any Federal money for new highway construction, will he? Take a drive on I-595 here in Broward and you’ll see a monstrous project underway to add more lanes in a vain effort to outpace the growth in auto traffic. There was talk of augmenting the extra lanes with some kind of light rail system early on, but it just didn’t make the cut. I guess a rail system is socialist, or something, while a hellish array of new traffic lanes through which to weave is more in keeping with our American / Floridan values.

    Why are we so enamored with our car culture and the sprawl lifestyle? Do people even think before they vote? Visit Portland or Seattle, people! See what could be!

  13. Oslo says:

    I just want expanded transit in Miami. I’ll worry about the rest of the state later.
    Disappointing cause it’s cool, but I could really care less about Orlando or Tampa.

  14. Mike Moskos says:

    Well, it is disappointing. I wonder if he’ll also ax the FEC line and halt plans to subsidize/improve Amtrak service to Jacksonville (subsidizing Amtrak is one way other states are getting shorter rail headways in their states).

    Let’s see if he’s consistent and stops expanding state-funded roads; a huge boondoggle. He’ll need every dollar just to maintain the huge amount of pavement already laid. He may come to regret this decision in a major way if fuel prices rise substantially during his term(s).

  15. Tony Garcia says:

    Mike - you read my mind as usual…check out tomorrow’s post.

  16. todd says:

    what are we going to do about it? let it slide?

  17. Chris says:

    Another sad day for Florida. The morons of this state voted in this crook so they get what they deserve.Who regects billions of dollars from the federal government out of pure spite? Only an idiot.This was going to be a piece to a much larger plan to run rail across the state. We’ll see how the businesses along the proposed corridor react. Disney was a big supporter of the project, lets see if they continue to support the republicans idiotic decision. Good luck to the northern states that will be receiving our money.

  18. immadashel says:

    When every highway in Florida looks like Atlanta, GA and gas is $5.00 a gallon and plane fares jump to support that, good luck, Florida. This rejection is due to a lot of old, old-minded people of the Tea Party who Scott is pleasuring. This is going to become an albatros for Scott and for Florida. Too bad those of us who want this project have to suffer with those unwise and unknowledgeable people who reject investing in the future. The people are just listening to the usual ultra-conservative line without doing any research. Scott is handing out a line of bull! The future is very, very close, people, and it is MORE THAN $3.19 a gallon. Who pays for building highways. Fees and Taxes don’t nearly cover it. Would that be the tax payer?I am 77 yearls old and I feel so sad for the young people who will need this kind of transportation. It’s the FUTURE, STUPID! How can one not get that????

  19. kevin says:

    I am so disappointed. Our state is being left behind. Other, more forward-thinking states are moving ahead with their plans for HSR, and Florida is behind left behind in the 20th century with highways. Huge disappointment. Very sad day for Florida.

  20. kevin says:

    We have invested so much money already in the HSR plans for Florida, it’s shovel-ready, and it’s practically a give away from Washington. WHY NOT? We can’t expect to attract and retain educational wealth, research and jobs to our state, if don’t invest in our infrastructure.

    We’ll be shit out of luck when gas is at $5+ a gallon, congestion continues to rise and jobs continue to leave. WE NEED HSR IN FLORIDA! We need it to Miami, we need it now, not later. The global markets are getting more, and more competitive, we need to stay on top if we want to compete.

  21. John says:

    They can invest in the Florida Marlins stadium but not High Speed Rail?!?! what the hell !!! There is a reason why politicians are politicians, because they’re not intellectuals. It would be another story told if the people running things were actual smart people.

    Anger. Just pure anger.

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