A day of oftentimes incoherent public comment ended with the Marlins Stadium Deal dead.  I’m glad that Commissioner Sarnoff finally put his thinking cap on.

A vote on the Florida Marlins stadium plan descended into chaos Friday afternoon after City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff demanded significant modifications to the deal in exchange for his support. Those modifications included making the team partially responsible for cost overruns at the stadium’s planned parking garage and greater financial benefits to city and county government when it comes to stadium naming rights and profits from the possible future sale of the team.

I don’t think that the Commissioner goes far enough. This cannot just be about a stadium, but about the yet-to-be-born neighborhood around the stadium.  We are footing the bill for developing two parking garages with limited liners - buildings which will probably be the only investment this area sees in a few years. If the city is going to play developer then they should recognize the value of this underutilized real estate. Build-out under the current site plan is a negligent use of public land.  As the maxim says you develop land to its ‘highest and best use’ - surface parking lots and unlined garages are far from the highest and best use of this land .

Or make it a park, but either way you need to consult people before you go make big plans with our land.

P.S. Thank god for maternity leave.


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2 Responses to Marlins Stadium Thankfully Derailed..for now

  1. No Bailout for the Marlins says:

    The cost to the taxpayers will exceed $2 billion and the privately owned Marlins will pay little or nothing up front. Miami-Dade County even promised to pay the rent for the Marlins. And the City of Miami promised to pay for a $100 mil garage and all cost overruns meaning the garage will cost $150 mil. If the Marlins are broke why are we bailing them out?


  2. Marlins are screwing the taxpayers says:

    Miami-Dade County Commissioners get to vote on shifting $2 bil of Miami-Dade taxpayers money to primarily benefit the owner of one private company that is owned by a New York City based businessman.

    Corporate welfare. Bailout for a millionaire.


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