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  1. Tony Garcia says:

    Thanks Patrick. I agree - everytime I pass that corridor I always wonder why it is not used. It actually goes way past Dadeland out west(by Country walk). It has been considered for light rail, but a vocal group of Kendall Homeowners associations and other area residents have been trying to kill that plan for some time. In its place some have tried pushing a BRT concept along the line, negotiating with CSX for use of the ROW. I think light rail would be best, but any mass transit would be welcome.
    Check out this MPO study:


  2. It could also be converted into a bike trail via the Rails to Trails program. I mean, I like the idea of a Metrorail extension but I’ve kinda given up on that service ever being actually useful, so this could be another alternative.


  3. Anthony says:

    well, as far as I know, that corridor has been under consideration for almost a decade to convert it to the ludlam bike trail from dadeland all the way to the airport. Being that the government is in control of it, it will probably take another decade before anything is done. Google ludlam trail to find out more.


  4. Thanks for that info, Anthony. I’m checking it out now.


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