It is a welcomed (albeit rare) surprise to read about a private developer in Miami-Dade County who has a grand, gimmicky idea but doesn’t want to pay for it with public funds. Such is the case of the owners of Sun Life Stadium, who are planning on building a water park adjacent to the Stadium to replace their lost summer baseball income once Marlin’s Stadium is complete.

I like water parks, and for those natives who remember ‘Atlantis’, having a nice water park close by will be a lot of fun. But what I like most about this project is that it doesn’t involve public money or land! What a refreshing idea - that large scale projects in Miami-Dade County DO NOT require public money or land. This all after talk of using $200 million in tourist tax dollars to update Sun Life stadium to better compete for the Superbowl. Thankfully that talk has died down, for now. Hopefully decision makers will continue to look at the long list of projects built on public land or with public money and decide that there are better uses of our tax dollars. 

 PS. This post is dedicated to: the Marlins Stadium, the proposed Metro-zoo amusement park, the Watson Island luxury development, EDSA’s Virginia Key Plan, the American Airlines Arena, the Old Miami Arena…etc. Feel free to add to this list…

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3 Responses to New Water Park Sounds Refreshing..

  1. kevin says:

    Miami Art Museum
    Miami Science Museum…


  2. Cam says:

    You can do that? I figured it was illegal to build anything in Miami without using taxpayer money to do it.


  3. Anonymous says:

    miami seaquarium


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