Just wanted to spread the good word about 311. If you notice something that is broken, needs repair, or requires general maintenance please call 311. The county tracks all complaints and usually addresses reported issues within 2 weeks.

Miami Dade County 311 will soon launch a smartphone application too.  We will let our readers know once it has been released.

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8 Responses to Spot a problem? We got the 311.

  1. Cam says:

    call 311? For what? To stay on hold for an hour? Their hold music isn’t that good, man.


  2. [...] We won’t give up - please don’t give up on us. We will always suggest that you call 311 (in Miami-Dade) when you see a bike lane a mess - even though we know that it doesn’t always work the [...]


  3. nevernot says:

    Don’t really see the point. I’ve been calling every two weeks on pay day for six months plus to report a pot hole the size of a bike wheel and over a foot deep on my street. Still isn’t fixed.


  4. Felipe Azenha says:

    Please send us a picture with the exact location, and we will post it here! Send us the case # too.


  5. What??? Ok says:

    311 works, patience is a virtue when dealing with Government. I’ve had many problems resolved the same day, so don’t give up on this.


  6. Take action before July 27th to help make the River of Grass bicycle greenway connecting the Gulf and Atlantic possible…



  7. miamian says:

    311 has helped me get debris cleared, trash under bridges, and ped signals repaired.


  8. 311Direct says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience; we try very hard to answer calls within a reasonable timeframe and for the most part, we do. However, there are peak times that often keep us from getting to calls as quickly as we’d like. But rest assured, we want to help! Another way to reach 311 is by email, so if you prefer, write us at 311@miamidade.gov, and we will report the problem for you. You can also write us with your contact information, the best time to call and we will call you to provide direct assistance. One last choice is to go online to
    http://miamidade.gov/wps/portal/Main/311Direct and submit your request. Finally, we’re about to release our smartphone mobile app which will allow you to send us your requests 24/7! I hope you have a better experience with us next time, we are continuously improving as we strive to provide good service to the community.


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