• Broward’s Transit Tax has hit a little bit of a snare in the county commission as they decided against spending $750,000 public dollars to promote the tax to citizens. A foolishly bold move to keep citizens in the dark as to what the whole penny increase would actually fund. The commission needs to educate voters about the tax to provide them with enough information to make educated decisions before they vote. They also batted down some of the colorful wording that was going to be used to describe the tax on the November ballots. It appears that the county commission is attempting to foil the transit plans and further increase the congestion on Broward’s streets.
  • Miami-Dade transit officials are getting the ball rolling quickly on and extension of Tri-Rail into southern Dade County. Now that the state will control the dispatch and scheduling of trains along the 72 mile corridor, Tri-rail hopes to extend service into the most congested parts of Kendall and Homestead. Transit officials are looking to host a “demonstration day” where passenger diesel multiple units (DMU) will run along the southern extension from the Metrorail connection through Kendall, past Tamiami airport onto land outside of the UDB, and down into Homestead. If anyone finds out when the demo day is, please let me know so that I can try to attend…

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