Remember that vote by Broward County Commissioners to remove funding for Tri-Rail feeder buses in Broward County? Well, the Sun-Sentinel reports that on Tuesday the commission will consider replacing the funding for shuttle buses for at least the coming year.

These shuttle buses are a crucial part of the Tri-Rail service, as the stations themselves are generally far from employment centers. The buses, funded by the county, provide the final link to work or home for many Tri-Rail riders. Until we get Tri-Rail service on the FEC tracks that pass closer to city centers, they provide the best connections. County bus service is not timed to the train schedules and often uses longer routes to get to key locations. Take the Fort Lauderdale airport, for instance. Right now we have a nice shuttle bus providing service from the Fort Lauderdale Airport station to the airport terminals. Without the shuttle, the alternative would be to wait for Broward County Transit Route 4, then transfer to Route 1 at US-1. I don’t even want to know how long that might take! Do you want to be able to get to FLL by Tri-Rail? Ask your county commissioners to keep the shuttle.

Find your commissioner and let them know you want to see Tri-Rail shuttles funded for the coming year. Also remind them that you want to see funding continue on a permanent basis.

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2 Responses to Tri-Rail Shuttle Shuffle

  1. mr jones says:

    Is ridership not that high on the shuttle bus? That seems like a very strange decision to cut that type of service. Your supporting (barely) Tri-Rail, wouldn’t you want to at least provide service to/from it?

    I just don’t get it sometimes. Broward County is moving forward with the Ft Lauderdale Streetcar and the East/West LRT, yet on the other hand their cutting down/eliminating current transit service. Is this what will happen to these future transit projects if they’re built…?


  2. mike lydon says:

    The one and only time I took Tri-Rail it was enjoyable experience, up until I got to my destination in Pompano. I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere with no direct way to get where I was going. I didn’t see any shuttle or bus and eventually called a cab. If I waited longer than the 15 minutes I was there, something could have come, but I felt there was no guarantee it would take me where I wanted to go.

    This type of service is important and should be kept. However, it should also be improved to the point where riders leaving the train know all the options available.

    When it comes down to it, the FEC line would be so much better. However, in the end, rezoning all land within a half mile around the stations would be the most effective way to deal with what we currently have in place. The more TOD, the better.


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