In yet another South Florida hit and run, two children age 10 and 13, were struck yesterday in Broward County while bicycling down their neighborhood street. The heartless driver took it upon themselves to leave the scene of the accident. Police have asked citizens to keep a look out for the car in question, which the Miami Herald reports is a “gold, older-model, four-door Honda with tinted windows. The car should have damage and might be missing a front headlight cover and the left front tire is either missing a hubcap or was a spare tire.” Geez, come to think of it, that could be half the cars in Miami.

According to one of the comments on the Miami Herald website, the neighborhood street is often used as a cut-through by speeding motorists.

I would like to say that I am shocked by this incident, but unfortunately cannot bring myself to such an emotion. Since moving to South Florida a year and a half ago I have repeatedly witnessed behavior akin to this dastardly act of selfishness, on the road and otherwise. Although explaining why this behavior persists in South Florida may be complicated, I reduce it to a lack of civitas. That is to say, the disconnected lives that people tend to lead down here — in their gated suburb, gated high-rise, or personal automobile — prevents a feeling of a collective citizenship or a sense of pride in place. It’s everyone for themselves down here, and this incident is no different.


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5 Responses to Two Kids Struck on Bicycle in Broward Hit and Run

  1. Ellen says:

    Those poor kids. You’re right, Mike, about the lack of civitas. There is a marked ‘self-centeredness’ here in south Florida, no wonder Miami has the label of being the rudest city. Everybody wants what they want when they want it and to hell with ANYONE who gets in their way, especially some schmoe on a bicycle. Ultimately, that attitude will drive [no pun intended] me and my family out of Florida and perhaps to a place like Austin or Portland.


  2. Mike Lydon says:

    I hear you, loud and clear.


  3. Tom says:

    Disgusting! In my neighborhood near downtown Ft. Lauderdale we have a plan to put in traffic calming measures in the form of “lane chokers” to discourage cut through traffic from congested Broward Blvd. At first I opposed these structures but now I see that they are a better alternative to annoying speed humps and will prevent road raging commuters from cruising through at top speed.

    The neighborhood where this happened should consider similar measures. The chokers can be planted to look pleasant and can help give bicyclists like these poor kids a fighting chance. People need to be discouraged from using neighborhoods as alternative commuting routes.


  4. JM Palacios says:

    They arrested the driver. That doesn’t fix the problem, unfortunately.


  5. Mike G says:

    I moved down here from NYC and found the lack of “Civitas” unbelievable. As aggressive as NYr’s are, they are nothing compared to the selfish, senseless drivers here in Miami. The complete lack of civic responsibility is disgusting. I fear for my life everytime I run or bike on the roads.


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