Thanks to Commissioner Gimenez’ staff for forwarding along this update on the Commodore bike trail from Esther Calas, P.E., Director, Miami-Dade Public Works Department, along with the renderings below of the new proposed bridge crossing at Cocoplum Circle.


The Commodore trail is a continuous, primarily off-road bicycle/pedestrian facility within the designated Bike Route 1 which parallels the following corridors within the limits of the City of Miami:

  • Douglas Road to Main Highway
  • Main Highway to McFarlane Road
  • McFarlane Road to South Bayshore Drive
  • South Bayshore Drive to Aviation Avenue

The project consists of reconstructing portions of the trail to meet current design standards by providing a 10’ bikepaths and minimum of 6’ grass strip separating the path from the travel lanes. This is a minimum width for a paved two-way path minimizing the risk of bicycle-bicycle and bicycle-pedestrian collisions, and absolute minimum width of clear zone from the edge of the travel lane for local roads without curb & gutter.

However, there are segments of the trail where the existing path does not meet design standards because of insufficient right-of-way, presence of existing coral walls or in order to preserve big banyan trees. These areas, where the minimum path width and the minimum width of clear zone cannot be provided are considered exception areas. Therefore, the scope of work for these substandard portions of the shared use path includes only resurfacing of the bikepath.  Additionally, in these exception areas, warning signs will be installed advising that the bikeway narrows.  Furthermore, “No Parking/Bikepath” signs will be installed to avoid people parking on the existing trail.  Finally, the bikepath will be identified with appropriate signage throughout the limits of the project.

The pedestrian/bicycle path will increase the efficiency of cycling as a mode of transportation, will reduce traffic congestion on existing roads and will provide recreational opportunity for Miami-Dade residents and visitors.

The project is in its final design stage. Pending are permit approvals from the environmental agencies for the proposed pedestrian bridge over Coral Gables Waterway along with execution of temporary construction easements by the City of Coral Gables. The project is expected to be bid for construction in October 2010 and construction is expected to start in November 2010.

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2 Responses to Update on Commodore Bike Trail Improvements

  1. where's the bike lanes? says:

    Ask Commissioner Gimenez why all of his resurfacing projects in Coral Gables and Miami have no bike lane improvements. Its great to pave an existing path but we need to move forward and not just keep status quo. Using stimulus funds and not adding bike lanes is expressly against USDOT secretary goals, city of miami goals, county stated goals and a waste of my money. We are all taxpayers and this is our money- just like ADA we need to INSIST ON BICYCLE INFRASTRUCTURE!


  2. sally willits says:

    There is a missing link at the corner of Main Highway and Poinciana Ave. The property on the NE side has a ficus hedge that has encroached on the trail and makes it impossible for more than 2 people to walk there. This is not an obstruction of a big banyan tree or rock wall and should be noted and upgraded.


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