In yet another instance of wasted transit surtax dollars, the CITT voted yesterday to acquire land directly adjacent to the UDB in order to turn SW 157 avenue into a high-speed four lane urban highway. Too bad, this just gives opponents of the surtax more fuel to send it back to voters. Several more votes will be required to allocate funds for the construction of the road, so there is still time to contact your commissioner and let them know that the surtax should not be used on roadway expansion.

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5 Responses to CITT Votes to Expand Highway Next to UDB

  1. Mike Lydon says:

    Terrific. More sprawl! Now we can all help Dan save traffic.


  2. Kyle says:

    Contact your Commissioners now guys! A simple e-mail or phone call, is all it takes to get your voice out.


  3. What was the vote of the CITT (each member)?


  4. Ted Wilde says:

    That is SW 157 Ave. Keep up the coverage of this poor choice of transit surtax expenditure.


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