I got some of the latest shots of the proposed retail center slated to rise on 5th street and Alton Rd. on Miami beach, just across from the up and coming Vitri Lofts. The retail center will feature some of the principles I am always advocating for the buildings rising in the design district and other parts of Miami. If just some of these concepts were required on all of the buildings in Miami, I guarantee we would have a far better pedestrian friendly atmosphere and a much easier time implementing public transit infrastructure and use. For example, a bus station will be integrated into the project, bringing the beach’s many transit users right into the front doors of the complex:Covered sidewalks and tree landscaping are an integral part of creating and maintaining vibrant pedestrian activity, particularly in Miami due to the heat and frequent summer showers. 5th and Alton will feature cover porticoes, palms, and public artwork, similar to that of many of the buildings on Miami Beach:Some of you think we’re against vehicles, which simply isn’t true. We’re against planning for vehicles as the priority of any project. Buildings should be designed to primarily interact with people rather than cars. 5th and Alton will likely feature enough parking for most of its visitors, but the parking garage won’t be the focal point of the structure and neither will its’ unsightly entrance. The entrance is relegated to a back street, Lenox Ave, where the traffic impact will be minimal and the pedestrian and transit entrances will remain uninhibited:
Update: Fifth and Alton is being developed by the Berkowitz group in conjunction with the Potamkin Family. The project is slated to be 170,000 square feet and will contain a Staples, Best Buy, and Publix among others. The City of Miami Beach will be purchasing parking spaces from the retail center for public use at a cost of $9.5 Million. The Berkowitz group created the Dadeland Station mall in Kendall as well as the Kendall Village Shopping complex in west Kendall, which both also featured large Romero Britto sculptures…


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5 Responses to 5th and Alton’s Intelligent Planning Measures

  1. Anonymous says:

    If only the baylink were there part of their planning.

  2. Anonymous says:

    those are nice renderings.
    who’s designing this project?
    any more info about it?

  3. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

    anon 1: I agree

    anon 2: I’ll get you the info soon, I can’t recall off the top of my head…

  4. madeindade says:

    Robin Bosco is the architect and the garage is being constructed with a contribution from Miami Beach to provide for additional public parking - yet another example of the beach’s foolish attempts to do something about their traffic ‘problem’ by building more parking spaces.

  5. Verticus S. Erectus says:

    “Traffic impact will be minimal” to 5th Street and Alton Road but it will greatly impact Lenox Ave. To have a parking garage entrance off of either 5th or Alton would have been madness aesthetically and logistically. It would have created the mother of all traffic jams. Regarding the first comment, how true, how true.

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