5 Responses to Metro Monday: Vienna’s Streetcars

  1. JErick says:

    That’s really nifty, they catch the attention of Vien’s citizens with their long, red cars. Hopefully the trains aren’t that long when they implement something similar in Miami — I’d be afraid.


  2. alesh says:

    I’ve been to Vienna and ridden these. They really are pretty nifty; there are also new space-aged looking trams, which ride the same tracks but have an almost-street-level floor, so getting on them with a stroller is a cinch. Very similar system is in Prague (though with even cooler cars) and many other cities in Europe.


  3. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

    I am certainly a huge fan of Vienna’s Transit system. Over 50 streetcar lines, 5 subway lines, an extensive bus network, waterway transit, commuter rail, and even an independent LRT route…We could learn a lot from this city…


  4. Rog says:

    Street cars are a wonderful idea for Miami, but the challenge is changing hearts and minds. Unfortunately, many South Floridians are so ignorant about public transportation options. Many think that because we are sprawled that the personal automobiles are the ONLY way to get around. We are quite spoiled, and if trams or buses don’t pull up in front of our drive ways, we won’t use it.


  5. Pantograph Trolleypole says:

    I was just there in October. If anyone wants to check out the transit pictures from the trip can visit my flickr set :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/67644366@N00/sets/72157602291394229/


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