Miami 21 is behind schedule which isn’t much of a surprise to most of us here; however, it is actually understandable for a concept of this magnitude to have all sorts of delays considering how many different aspects of zoning laws will be affected…

”My concern is that the city may be giving us the run-around,” said newly elected City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, who attended Thursday’s presentation at City Hall.

”I don’t see the public having opportunity for input but when that occurs, I don’t see their input reflected in changes to the code,” he said.

I hate to break the news, but, you’re technically part of that “city run-around” now. I wasn’t aware that Miami’s residents were certified professional engineers, architects, and urban planners, all teeming full of great ideas on how to suddenly fix Miami’s decrepit urban infrastructure. Just because a suggestion is made by a constituent, why should a professional consulting group automatically include their ideas? Let’s let the hired consultants do their job, otherwise, we could have left the urban planning to the average Joe resident and saved the city millions…Oh snap, I forgot, we’ve already tried that…


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