One of the best examples of how to create a vibrant, pedestrian accessible, and dense neighborhood is in Boston along the Back Bay. The dense row houses, some of which have been converted into mixed use structures (along Newbury street, Commonwealth Avenue, and Boylston) create a dense yet comfortable living environment. Public park space is amply provided along the Charles River Esplanade, Commonwealth Avenue, and the city’s central park (the Boston Common and Public Gardens) which anchors the eastern portion of this quaint neighborhood. Boston’s Back bay embodies many of the principles envisioned in Miami 21, including stepped structural height increases, reduced setbacks, on street parking, and canopy/park space requirements. Miami’s design district would be ideal for similar development and the Miami streetcar, like the green line which runs adjacent to the Back Bay, would only further bolster the livability of this neighborhood.

3 Responses to Transitography 42: Boston’s Back Bay

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is so nice up there, it would be amazing if we had that kind of urban experience. A pedestrian friendly green neighborhood experience.


  2. Adam says:

    another interesting factoid about the back bay is that it was built one block at a time, as it was a bay that was filled in (with one of bostons hills that no longer exists). Since it was horse n’ buggy days they could only fill it in at about a block every decade, so the construction style changes as you walk down the street. Unfortunately it’s yuppies all the way down.


  3. Dave says:

    I used to live about a quarter mile to the left of the last pic around Kenmore Square and used to go for jogs along the Charles River. That area would be a good model for the relatively blank slate of West Brickell as well (along South Miami ave).


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