You’ve probably just in stumbled here after reading about the Transit Miami Summer Transit Challenge in Today’s Miami Herald. This is Transit Miami, a weblog I created to openly discuss the urban development and Transit issues facing our beautiful community. I encourage everyone to participate in the discussions by leaving their comments or by e-mailing me their questions ( I believe, through broader communication and awareness, we can begin to address some of the most important issues in our community. I might stray from the main topic every so often to discuss our local politics, sports, and cultural events. In any case, I am glad you came to check out my site.

Articles are published daily (weekends optional) and I have created several reoccurring pieces such as: Weekend words of Wisdom (Sounds a heck more prolific than what they really are,) Moronic Mondays (provides a humorous outlook on the not so humorous blunders and deficiencies of our current politicians and government entities,) and Transit Tuesday (eh, pretty self explanatory.)

Take a look around and enjoy some of my previous posts and post some comments if you’d like. If Transit is not your thing, take a look at some of the other Miami Blogs on the left sidebar…


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