This morning a dusted off my mountain bike and made my way to Virginia Key to check out the new mountain bike trails.  The former landfill now has four miles of single-track and the Virginia Key Bicycle Club seem to be expanding the trails; I saw a small army of volunteers working with chainsaws today.  The trails are simply spectacular. I can’t express how great this is for Miami.

There were at least 30 cars parked at the trailhead. I saw a bunch of families with young children riding the trails. It is safe to say that this urban park is a total success and very unique.  How many other cities have a mountain bike park in the middle of the city? I can’t think of very many…

We need to send a Transit Miami shout-out to John Voss.  Mr. Voss was incredibly persistent and without this vision and resolution Miamians would not have this gem of a park in their back yard.

Now if we could only get the County Public Works Department to make the Rickenbacker Causeway more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly, perhaps it would encourage more people to ride their bicycles to the Virginia Key mountain bike trails, rather then drive.  A big first step would be to put a roundabout or crosswalk at the entrance to Virginia Key in order to calm traffic so that cyclists and pedestrians aren’t get killed while trying to cross a 6 lane highway just to get to the park.  Just a thought.



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3 Responses to An Urban Mountain Biking Oasis in Miami

  1. brock says:

    Great project, a great asset for our city!

  2. Oslo says:

    There is a Picnic to help support the trails Sunday, perhaps you should go or spread the word.

  3. james santoli says:

    Nice trails and nice Yngwie music opener

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