First we brought you the incredibly useful Walk Score, a program geared to determining how navigable neighborhoods are for people

Today I’d like to introduce Drive Score, the anti-walking, pro-sprawl, and guaranteed laziness application which uses incredibly flawed methods to create a map of vehicle accessible areas. One would think if you ranked poorly on Walk Score, you’d rank high on drive score, right? Not necessarily. Just for fun, I entered a highly walkable Manhattan address to see how “drivable” this program claims the city to be and came up with an 88! You know, never mind the bumper to bumper traffic, lack of dedicated parking, or any sane analysis, this program spews out pure gibberish…

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8 Responses to The Anti Walk Score

  1. Mousee says:

    I think that we can use both – walk and drive score. Or maybe bike score? Any more ideas?


  2. Cap'n Transit says:

    This is a joke, right? I put my address in and nothing came up. Has it actually worked for anyone?


  3. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal says:

    It worked for me the first time I tried it…It seems to be down today…

    Perhaps too much traffic?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Ha! Didn’t work for me either.


  5. socialscientist says:

    London closed a few streets and …


  6. Ryan Sharp says:

    It’s not working for me either…maybe the creators had an epiphany and cannibalized it, lol.


  7. cosmoflanker says:

    Drive Score didn’t work for me. But shouldn’t both come up with the same number? All either one does is count “things” nearby. Walk Score gives my apartment a 75 but I wouldn’t walk to most of the things it lists as it involves crossing a busy wide street with lots of crazy drivers.


  8. Ryan Sharp says:

    I think you make a decent point, cosmo - that’s one of the shortcomings of Walk Score.


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