FDOT’s I-95 Express Lanes were recently awarded the People’s Choice Award of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Read the release on the America’s Transportation Award site. Say what you want about the project, but the numbers are in and have shown a definite increase in speed on northbound I-95 where the High Occupancy Toll lanes were installed.

It’s not all about the automobile, either. Articulated express buses should be running on these lanes in January. According to the 95 Express website, the intent is to extend the existing Broward County Transit service running on 441/SR-7 to the Golden Glades interchange to reach downtown Miami. We’ll keep you posted on this new service.

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2 Responses to I-95 HOT Lanes Take Transportation Award

  1. Mike Moskos says:

    PERHAPS the 1-95 express buses will be a good idea. I think the crux of the problem though is the lack of integrated pricing of Tri-Rail and the transit (bus) systems. If you’re a daily commuter, you potentially buy monthly passes for Tri-Rail, and 2 county’s bus systems (to get to your final destination). There are ways to mitigate the costs (using Tri-Rail’s shuttle buses or transfers). But some people have to buy 3 monthly transit passes. That cost is pretty high, approaching the costs of moving your car that same distance. Add to that the extra time involved and you have someone who stays in their car.

    For me personally, I buy 3 transit passes and take 2 buses on each side with Tri-Rail for the long haul. Door to door it’s about 3 hours (versus 40 minutes at the right time in a car). It is the same time if I use only the bus. I pay for Tri-Rail because I like the comfortable, quiet, relaxing ride (esp. on the demo trains). Broward’s “Breeze” service is essentially what they’re proposing for 1-95. It is more pleasant than a regular bus ride, but it is no Tri-Rail experience. Now, I wonder how more people would ride the Tri-Rail if integrative pricing were used? Example: Ride all counties transit for $175 a month (versus $242 Dade/Broward/Tri-Rail). Of course, I realize the greatest obstacle: 3-4 government agencies determining the share of the fare they get.


  2. mr jones says:

    I think Mike is a perfect example that SFRTA should take over all three county transit agencies: Eliminating county lines (in a transit sense) and having one bus pass.

    But it’s nice to hear that BCT will go further into Miami/Dade.

    A side note. BCT should be opening up three BRT lines along 595 this summer, 2010, during weekdays. Last I heard, at least…


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