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So LeBron James biking to work on the reg is making national news which is terrific. Though while reading through some of the coverage, a particular comment caught my attention, reading, ‘It’s great to see LeBron biking to work just like an average Joe.

@KingJames crossing the Brickell bridge on the way to practice. (Via Kingbarchan on Instagram)

Now wait a second. Since when do ‘average Joes’ bike to work here? That’s exactly the problem. ‘Average Joes’ don’t bike to work. ‘Average Joes’ drive alone, sit in traffic and wonder why they are overweight and unhappy.

Don’t be an ‘average Joe’. Be a LeBron.

LBJ rolling out at November’s Miami Critical Mass. (Photo by Ian Forrester)

Ok, so we here at Transit Miami have to jump on the LeBron James bandwagon too, but not because of basketball. Our boy LeBron seems to like bicycles. He acquired a minority ownership stake in Cannondale a few years ago and The King had this to say about his business venture:

Biking is an extremely important part of my training routine, and I like to invest in what I know”.

Smart guy; we like him already.

LeBron also sponsors a “King for Kids Bike-a-thon” in his hometown of Akron, Ohio every summer.  Check him out here:

Bienvenido a Miami El Rey!

The cycling community looks forward to working with you.

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