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They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This particular photo speaks to the state of pedestrian safety in Miami — beat-up and run-down!

Location: Brickell Bay Drive & 12 Street. Thanks to TransitMiami reader Keith Lawler for sending this one in!

Location: Brickell Bay Drive & 12 Street.
Thanks to TransitMiami reader Keith Lawler for sending this one in!

According to Keith Lawler, the Brickell denizen who submitted this photo, this well-intended, yet seemingly ineffective, pedestrian safety signage is now, as of May 29, gone completely . . .

Something’s got to give . . .

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Bikes outside the Sony-Ericson Open tennis Tournament on Key Biscayne.

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Image Courtesy of Harry Emilio Gottlieb

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 I wonder how these folks feel about cuts in bus service?

(thanks to blackice3oh5 for the image, from yesterday’s rush hour)

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This beautiful city was planned largely around the holiday home of the country’s leading family. It is also home to one of the largest “World Naked Bike Rides”.

Can you name this city?

UPDATE: Visual hints…

The North Laines

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This famous street was created in the late 19th century as the result of an international town planning competition. It anchors the older part of this university city with its modern day cultural hub. Transit Miami friends living there tell us it the center of nightlife year round. An almost textbook ‘complete street’ - Can you name this city? Street?

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Today’s Pic O’ the Day Hint: We are inspired to select this by Christophe Le Canne, MiamiBikeScene and everyone everywhere who is being proactive in their response to motorist-cyclist collisions.

Can You Name This City?

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Here is a picture from one of the world’s great planned cities. This may be an easy one, but here’s an extra tip: this park was the inspiration behind the political push for Museum Park in Downtown Miami. Can you name this city?

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These images are always fun, and instructive.  According to Gizmodo, 42 Brompton folding bicycles fit into one parking space.

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Chase & the Crawl-metto

Thanks to my buddy Chris Groves for this hilarious ad. (Note the irony: it’s on a freakin’ bus bench!)

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Bicycling along NE 61st Street this morning, I came across a rare site.


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Can anyone identify what is wrong in this picture?


Seems like a job for SeeClickFix.

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…downtown may look something like this:


Thanks to livable streets advocate and downtown resident, Brad Knoefler, for the image.

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courtesy of B(ridge and T(unnel) Crowd

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FLorida FEC Rail Car

From the State of  Florida archives: “Engine No. 1034 breaks the tape on track No. 3 in Miami marking 75 years of Florida Special New York-Miami service..”

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