In the blinding brightness of the east-facing morning, trapped in our metallic boxes of rage, impatience, and anxiety, the truth called out to us . . .

It called, not as an answer, but as a question . . . a question whose simplicity made a mockery of all those willing to confront it . . .

Out of the blinding light, for that fleeting moment of honesty concealed by the shadows, the truth taunted all those brave enough to accept it . . .

From the blinding light, the truth dared us to regain our vision . . .



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11 Responses to Pics O’ the Day: The Blinding Truth…

  1. Brad says:

    “WHY DRIVE?”

    Ummmm, because Metrorail doesn’t go everywhere?


  2. Bananers says:

    Brad, a thousand +1′s to you.

    Perhaps a better question is: Why take the Metrorail, when the office is closer than the nearest Metrorail station?


  3. silver says:

    Agreed, Brad.
    This might not be the best example of why to take Metrorail (and there are many.) The cars stuck in this traffic are most likely not going to and from places serviced by the rail. Better to take photo from one of the places like 112 where it parallels tracks near Earlington station or US-1 the whole way south of downtown.


  4. Matthew Toro says:


    Much of that traffic on the 836 is indeed going downtown, which certainly is served by our trains.

    I made this post because I liked the fact the elevated rail tracks have that message — “Why Drive? Ride…Metrorail” — painted on them just above the 836. And hell, I was stuck in traffic long enough to take those shots.

    I tried (apparently failed!) to make a humorous little post out of that obscure little message on the side of the train tracks above traffic.

    You’re right, Brad, Metrorail doesn’t go everywhere, but I bet you that 80-90% of your destinations in the County are served by the broader public transit system (Metrorail, Metromover, Metrobuses), etc.

    Everybody loves to knock transit in Miami. Has anybody ever considered that one of the reasons we have such mediocre transit is because of that terrible stigma associated with it?

    I contribute to TransitMiami because I’m trying to make transit better, because I’m trying to show people that Miami-Dade Transit works.

    With all due respect, gentlemen, please don’t knock it until you’ve REALLY tried it.

    It’s your city too.


  5. Bananers says:

    Matthew, perhaps the stigma associated with Miami-Dade’s public transportation can be cleared up by making it not suck. Saying its awesome while having it still suck does not fix the issue. The county needs to step up and publicly say, “Yea, our public transportation does suck, here’s our plan to make it not suck…”


  6. Matthew Toro says:

    I think that’s where we’ll just have to agree to disagree, my friend. The Miami-Dade Transit system does NOT suck.

    Quite the contrary, it takes me to work and brings me home every single day. It allows me to earn a living to pay my bills and feed my family.

    We can move around most of downtown Miami for FREE on our Metromover. I can get to West Palm Beach from southern Miami-Dade by using our Metrorail and TriRail. I catch a bus from the Urban Development Boundary every morning to the train and make it to work — in downtown — on time.

    Miami-Dade Transit does NOT suck. But again, this is where we’ll just have to agree to disagree (until, of course, you give it a try in earnest and expand your negative perception of the system).

    Your thoughts and opinions are highly valued, though, and I hope you continue to share them with the community. In fact, I hope you continue to vocalize that argument, that “Miami-Dade’s public transportation system sucks.” Hopefully, though, it will be followed with a call to make it better, rather than merely a complaint just to put it down.

    One question: If you controlled the purse strings and had the power, what’s the first thing you would do for Miami-Dade Transit?


  7. Bananers says:

    There’s more to Miami than downtown. Sure if you live there or frolic in the area, free transportation is fantastic, but for the rest of us, it makes no difference. I guess it doesn’t suck if you don’t have a choice or if service in your area is reasonable.

    For shits and giggles I looked up my route to work leaving at the time I’m currently leaving at: 84 stops and just about 2 hours. The same route in my car takes 30 minutes and I don’t have to walk a mile to the bus stop with my bags and hope it gets there on time.

    What would I do? For starters, get the damn Metrorail out west. It took them 28 years to extend it 2.4 miles it to the airport. That should have been one of the first Metrorail stops when the system was first designed and built. At this rate, it’ll take another 30 or more years to build a track along the 836 corridor and maybe another 30 after that to branch it north and south. As for everyone who won’t get Metrorail service, since the majority of traffic flows east and west during the respective rush hours, why not have those express buses Kendall gets run down 8th st, Coral Way, and Bird Road? I’ve never ridden one nor do I know the ridership numbers, but the idea of fewer stops and extended green lights sounds good. These roads are parking lots in the morning. If the buses could get maybe 20% of the cars off the road, that would be great.


  8. Matthew Toro says:

    All very valid points, Bananers. The Kendall express buses that utilize the Snapper Creek Expressway make my daily commute possible.

    I often use the 204 (down SW 104th St), 288 (down SW 88th) , and 272 (down SW 72nd St) — they’re absolutely crucial, and, in truth, are the only reason my bus-train commute works out so well.

    There’s talk of getting some express buses on 836:

    It would be a huge move in the right direction, especially since these express buses are legally allowed to bypass congestion by using the shoulder.


  9. Bananers says:

    Thanks for the links. Perusing the documents now.


  10. Erik says:

    they should have the buses come at the right time, like it says in the trip planner online, many times I’ve come to a busstop and the bus is like leaving 10 minutes before its supposed to arrive. And Transportation in north miami is terrible there’s only the bus that never comes on time and it always takes forever to get where i wanna go, especially when i wanna visit a friends house and it takes 2 or more hours to get there


  11. M says:

    The transit system in Miami-Dade does not suck, but it’s not great either. I’ve used it during my commute from Miami Beach to Coral Gables using the “S” bus, Metrorail, and the Coral Gables trolley. It takes 75 minutes (verus 30 mintues drive time) and I literally have to push and shove and fight my way onto the “S” bus in the evening because it’s so packed. For some us, the transit commute is not so pleasant.

    I do believe that one of the reasons why transit is not so great here is because people are apathetic and don’t push the county to make it better. We all accept small fixes instead of demanding great service.


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