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As has been reported in multiple local news sources, including The Miami Herald and Huffington Post, travel lanes on the Bear Cut Bridge are being closed.

The Bear Cut Bridge connects the island Village of Key Biscayne to the Miami mainland via the Rickenbacker Causeway.

A graphic of the Bear Cut Bridge by Miami Herald staff artist Marco Ruiz. Source: Miami Herald

A graphic of the Bear Cut Bridge by Miami Herald staff artist Marco Ruiz. Source: Miami Herald

The following public message just came to TransitMiami from Jimmy Martincak, the Road & Bridge Maintenance Superintendent for Miami-Dade County’s Department of Public Works & Waste Management:

Good Afternoon,

Emergency lane restrictions have been implemented on the Bear Cut Bridge along the Rickenbacker Causeway. The Public Works and Waste Management Department is routing vehicular traffic in a counter flow manner on two lanes of the current eastbound portion of the bridge (toward Key Biscayne).

One lane will be used for eastbound vehicular traffic and the other will be used for westbound vehicular traffic (leaving Key Biscayne). This will reduce traffic flow to one vehicular lane in each direction over the Bear Cut Bridge.

Eastbound bicyclists in the bike lane are being directed onto the off road path. Westbound bicyclists in the westbound bike lane are unaffected [emphasis added].

Should you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact our office.

Thank You, Jimmy

James Martincak, Road & Bridge Maintenance Superintendent

Miami-Dade County - Public Works And Waste Management

4299 Rickenbacker Causeway,  Key Biscayne,  Florida  - 33149

305-361-2833 Phone  305-361-5338 Fax   305-979-3470 Cellular

Be sure to contact Mr. Martincak with your thoughts on the matter.

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Dear Transit Miami,

I’m sending you some pictures since recently you’ve been posting up all the sketchy stuff you see while riding down Key Biscayne. I spent a few hours today riding up and down the William Powell bridge and took these pics of trucks parked on the bike lane right after the descent of the bridge forcing cyclists into the traffic lane when cars come off the bridge at over 50 mph.

Another water truck was backing up in the bike lane.

One city worker doing tree trimming stopped in the bike lane.

Another construction truck stopped in the bike lane right before the WP bridge on the Miami side on the sketchy section of bike lane that crosses across a lane of traffic.  The truck stopped right in front of me in the bike lane to make a phone call.

The one Miami-Dade officer I saw doing something was actually giving a ticket to a cyclist, when minutes earlier I was passed by a Ferrari on the bridge that was going well over 90 mph.

Basically everyone today blocking the bike lane was put there by the government, so much for caring about our safety.

-Yaniel Cantelar

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This morning I went out on my regular Sunday morning bicycle ride to Key Biscayne. I usually head out by myself, but end up riding with other bicyclists.  Normally I choose not to ride with the large groups (100-150 bicyclists) because I consider their riding style dangerous and lawless.  Today this was confirmed to me.

I wiped out pretty hard due to the gross negligence of two other bicyclists at the front of the peloton. For some reason, two bicyclists got into a pissing contest, got off their bicycles, and started to scrap on the side of the road.  Yes, you read it correctly.  At 8:30 a.m., two bicyclists in spandex were throwing punches at each other on the side of the road! The fight spilled out into the bicycle lane and roadway, causing several bicyclists to stop short and fall to the ground. Luckily neither I, nor the other 4 bicyclists who crashed was seriously injured. I have a little road rash and a major bruise on my ass cheek. I’m not going to lie, it hurts.

Please comport yourself like a respectable bicyclist.  Incidents like this give bicyclists a bad name.

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