We need your help now to protect the Everglades.

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is planning to expand the 836 Dolphin Expressway west toward Krome Avenue and then south to Tamiami Airport. This project would accelerate westward development, threaten agriculture, and threaten Everglades restoration.

Please email written comments to tgarcia@mdxway.com by this Friday, January 27, 2012.

Here’s a sample comment to cut and paste or put in your own words.

I ask the MDX board to remove the 836/Dolphin Expressway Southwest Extension (project 83618) from its 5-year plan. I question the necessity of the this project and am concerned about the impacts to residents, agriculture and America’s Everglades.

I believe this road is unnecessary and will actually will increase, not alleviate, congestion on SR 836. Commuters currently have the option of taking several highways into downtown Miami. The existing 836, the Florida Turnpike, the 874, the 878 and the 826. Most of these roads have been or are currently being rebuilt to handle greater capacity. Future and existing toll revenues should be used to maintain these roads and provide for public transit alternatives, not to build new roads into environmentally sensitive areas.

The project will threaten Everglades National Park and nearby federally-protected wetlands. A new layer of highway extending away from the city will fuel sprawl because of its proximity to the Urban Development Boundary. This highway would attract development of agricultural and wild lands buffering the Everglades and pose a direct threat to the $12 billion federal-state Everglades restoration project.

Phone number

Tell MDX that this project will waste natural resources and exacerbate sprawl and traffic.

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14 Responses to TM To MDX: Stop Westward Expansion by Tony Garcia

  1. Rog in Miami Gardens. says:

    Why can’t organizations learn? This is clearly an attempt by MDX to rake in yet more profits, as studies have shown that highway expansions create even more traffic, which translates into more revenues from toll ways. I am sending off my letter TODAY!


  2. Mari Chael says:

    Terrible idea. Much better to expand transit into efficient, well oiled machine while transitioning westward sprawl neighborhoods into walkable and bikeable communities. This proposal accommodates an expensive and polluting, mostly single occupant, mode of transport to service sprawl, a cancerous development pattern.


  3. Tony Garcia says:

    agreed 100%. no brainer.


  4. Kevin says:

    Sent my e-mail, letting everyone know about this. This is a horrible idea! Are we in the 1950s again, christ?!


  5. This is what happens when an out of control agency like MDX has a bottomless ATM funded by unregulated tolling practices. How can anyone think that this is a good idea? Of course it will lead to more development further west. Makes you wonder whats the real motivation here, what with all the land developers and bankers on the MDX board. Its all part of their “beltway” idea. They need more roads to put up more tolls to sell more bonds to pay off old debt. Are any bells going off yet?
    We need board members that know and understand transportation. That can think outside the toll road. This project will do nothing to motivate drivers to take alternative transportation. Short term gain for long term pain.


  6. Craig Chester says:

    Carlos, very well articulated. We all need to march lock-step against this arcane, destructive project.


  7. […] TM To MDX: Stop Westward Expansion […]


  8. Wallace Bray says:

    It’s a day late but here is the e-mail I sent.

    I seem to remember back in the 1970’s the citizens of this county wisely voted not to build anymore expressways and build a public transit system instead. Since then we have seen the construction of the Turnpike Extension to Homestead, State Roads 874, 878, 924, and the extension of 836 first to the Turnpike Extension and then to 137th Avenue. In that same period of time we have only seen the construction of 22 miles of Metrorail and Tri-Rail into Northwest Miami Dade.

    Besides maintaining and upgrading our current expressway system the money generated from toll collections should be leveraged to construct surface trains with overhead lines from the MIC on all our rail right of ways that are not in use or underused that stretch far into the west and southwest areas of the county. And a Metrorail line spurring off the Earlington Heights Station to take Tourist and Locals from the MIC to congested Miami Beach. Not to mention Metrorail’s expansion north on Northwest 27th Avenue to the Broward County line and hopefully someday soon FEC line along the east coast right of way.

    Haven’t we had enough of doing the same old thing the same old way. Fifty, sixty, seventy years of building expressways and neglecting our railroads have put our country at peril. Environmentally they have destroyed natural areas, divided sustainable communities and cost us all dearly in protecting oil fields in hostile areas around the world.

    It’s time to stop the madness and take care of ourselves and make our urban environment a better place to live. We can’t afford to take on one more expressway. Please stop it.


  9. Craig Chester says:

    Excellent letter, Wallace.


  10. Oscar says:

    Okay. One of us should run for mayor, win by landslide, use our newfound political power to fold MDX into MDT, reduce operating cost in the new conjoined agency by capitalizing on synergies, use the profitable highway toll operations to subsidize Metrorail, actually use the Half-Penny tax for what it was meant for and expand Metrorail so that it reaches a tipping point that leads to drastically increased ridership, and grow our city in a healthy sustainable way. I’ll back whoever’s down to run.


  11. Gables says:

    Oscar - in addition to a good candidate, you should also ask a billionaire to fund a superPAC to fund a media blitz to convince voters that transit is a better choice that freeways. I’m not sure a lot of people in Miami-Dade are convinced.


  12. Joe Martinez is running on healthcare and transportation. Let’s see some details of his plan.


  13. Adrian says:

    Though I really want public transportation expansion. I really think that this will solve a lot of the problems in West Kendall. Instead of thousands of commuters having to drive east down either Kendall Drive or 104th St, they now have the option to drive west. Pretty cool, I support it.


  14. Tony Garcia says:

    @Adrian - this just makes the problem worse. more traffic. more sprawl! everything between this project and the existing edge of development will then get developed, and what you thought was inconvenient travel, just evolved into a new nightmare traffic scenario. this is not a good idea for west kendall or our region.


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