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National: Streetfilms covers the technologically advanced Seattle  streetcar, and the investment it has attracted along its route (*ahem, Miami).

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood makes it official, DC’s Metro is expanding to Dulles Airport.

Oregonian columnist and Pedaling Revolution author, Jeff Mapes, tell us of a plan to tax bicycle ownership in Oregon. What?!

Local: Just over one year in, the recession economy slows the Miami Mega-Plan.

Riptide 2.0 stumps for building the Marlins Stadium at the Miami Arena site…a win-win-win for straphangers, the city, and the county.

Also, what happens when you don’t miss the bus, but the bus misses you? Well, we’re not sure either…

Finally, click here to learn how Jeb Bush helped derail, literally, high speed rail from Miami to Tampa Bay. Thanks Jeb.

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Transit Miami reader Stephen Malagodia has created a Twitter hashtag called “Tri-rail.” Those with Twitter accounts can now give and receive updates on a train’s status by simply telling Twitter to “follow hashtags”. Then tweet “#tri-rail <your message>. Users will then receive updates from other riders. Although this will only work if other riders participate, it promises to be a helpful tool for those riding the rails. So start tweeting tri-railers, and let us know how it goes.
If you need more help with hashtags, go to
Thanks to Stephen for taking the initiative.

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First, I want to thank everyone who has shared their thoughts regarding the Metrorail Train Tracker. It is precisely this kind of input/involvement that is so critical to helping improve mass transit and livability in Miami-Dade County.
Judging by comments and emails, it sounds like many Miamian choice-riders would opt for riding Metrobus at least once in a while if the schedule was much more predictable. I very much agree and feel strongly that GPS tracking for buses is the future in coach transit. Just to get an idea of how a system in Miami-Dade might function, check out this link that shows a live map of GPS-tracked buses in Boulder, CO (it even shows the live speed of each bus!).

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Back in November, we showcased Miami-Dade Transit’s new “Train Tracker” program, which is supposed to allow Metrorail riders to easily locate trains and know exactly when they are projected to arrive at your departing station.
We want to know if you’ve used it, and how effective/accurate it has been thus far. Has it made your commute any smoother or more predictable? Has it made it more likely that you’ll use Metrorail? As always, your thoughts and opinions are much appreciated.

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