In response to our post last week we were copied on several emails from Transit Miami Readers to FDOT District 6 Secretary and Commissioner Sarnoff regarding the unacceptable design conditions of Biscayne Boulevard that has led to at least 11 crashes in the past two years in the MiMo Historic District.  How much longer will the FDOT and the City of Miami continue to ignore the fact that Biscayne Boulevard is hostile to pedestrians and the businesses that operate along Biscayne Boulevard? Without further ado…

Honorable Mayor Regalado, Commissioner Sarnoff and Mr. Gus Pego,

Subject: A Dangerous MiMo District


Felipe is right on target with his assessment of the dangerous traffic conditions in the MiMo Biscayne Boulevard Historic District.  You, your staff and State representatives have been put on notice and made aware of this problem dozens of times by way of letters, emails and meetings since the first death shortly after the 2007 reconstruction.

There have been various studies since the reconstruction all referencing the unsafe conditions and the fact it is NOT pedestrian friendly.  In addition to the  public’s safety, the average replacement cost of a light pole which exceeds $10,000 then add tree replacement, public employee hours and potential lawsuits - one would think preemptive safety measures make good sense.

I attended the very first meeting between the MiMo Biscayne Association at FDOT offices and the attitude regarding loss of life was appalling.  Again and again, the goal to “move traffic” as stated is the priority and I can understand that goal. But, what seems to have been forgotten is that you are in your position because of the taxpayers and that we, the taxpayers have told you over and over that we want to be safe on our sidewalks.  Why can’t you just do this for us?



Please make Biscayne blvd safer. Please put stop lights at every intersection. When I walk with my young children I am very fearful of the traffic. It is not safe and not good for business if we feel afraid to walk to dogma or other local venues.
Thank you.


Mr. Pego & Commissioner Sarnoff:

My name is Melanie. I live in Bell Meade.  I too believe it is imperatvie that Biscayne Blvd. in MIMO become more pedestrian friendly.  I love the fact that my family is able to walk to Sunday beakfast at Balans (which we do every Sunday) or dinner somewhere else on the boulevard. However, I DO NOT FEEL SAFE, when am walking with my husband and son (who is almost 2) and cars are whizzing by us at light speeds.  There are portions of the sidewalk that provide us with less than 3 feet to walk on (see the sidewalk on the east side of biscayne near 70th street - adjacent to the empty parking lot by the Rapunzel salon) becuase the hedges are overgrown.  I enjoy living where we live, and would hope that you, our elected officials would help to make it as safe as possible for the growing number of families with young children that live in our area.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance.
Very Truly Yours,


Honorable Mayor Regalado, Commissioner Sarnoff and Mr. Gus Pego,

Please help make MiMo District of Biscayne Boulevard safer and pedestrian friendly.

Thank you,


Please figure out a plan to fix Biscayne Blvd. Doing so will increase business in your area. A strong pedestrian base is essential to commerce. Paul


Please consider making Biscayne Boulevard more pedestrian friendly. It is a major thoroughfare with close proximity to the intracoastal waterway making it the backbone of North Dade. As such, I frequently see pedestrians and bike riders on the street. They deserve the same safety that our cars enjoy.

Please join in the fun and send an email to the FDOT District 6 Secretary Gus Pego and Commissioner Sarnoff and ask them to make Biscayne Boulevard more pedestrian and business-friendly. Click here to send an email to both gentlemen.

This problem is not going to get any better by ignoring it and we will continue to report about crashes until proper action is taken by the FDOT and the City of Miami. Eleven crashes in less than two years is not acceptable for a twenty-five block stretch of Biscayne Boulevard.

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2 Responses to Transit Miami Readers Weigh In On Biscayne Boulevard Crashes

  1. […] MiMo residents sent emails to the FDOT District 6 Secretary Gus Pego and to Commissioner Sarnoff. You can read their emails here.  I wonder if they received a reply from either gentleman? Crash on Biscayne and NE 60th […]


  2. Fran says:

    For the record,no reply regarding my email from either Gus Pego or Sarnoff.


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