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The Association of Pedestrian & Biking Professionals (APBP) is recognizing Transit Miami friend, Kathryn Reid Moore for her many contributions to Bike Miami Days with the Young Professional of the Year award. She will be the first person to ever receive this award at the 10th International Conference on Walking and Livable Communities, held in New York City on October 7 - 9.

In addition, the Florida Bicycle Association has selected Bike Miami Days and Bike Miami Rides to receive the Event of the Year Award.

Congratulations to Kathryn and to all of those that worked so hard to make Bike Miami Days a success. This recognition promises to be the beginning of something bigger for Miami.

Listen to this great radio coverage of the ongoing bike revolution in Miami. Our very own Mike Lydon is interviewed, as well as Bike Miami Days organizer (and friend of Transit Miami) Kathryn Reid Moore.

Also come out to City hall or write/call your commissioner and let them know that you support the Bike Master Plan and proposed bike parking ordinance being discussed on Thursday. It is an important day for cycling in the City of Miami - let your voice be heard!

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The momentum continues. Bike Miami Days proved, yet again, that the car free event is the real deal. With virtually no media coverage or marketing budget, this grassroots movement attracted an estimated 2000 people on Sunday. The streets were filled with bicyclists, pedestrians, skaters and rollerbladers of all ages and backgrounds.

Sources close to Transit Miami have informed us that Waste Services Inc., the lead sponsor of the event, was so impressed that they are considering sponsoring another Bike Miami Days. We must also thank the Miami DDA and the Florida Bicycle Association for their support.  Please let your commissioners know how great this event is.  You can find a link to your commissioner above.

We leave you with some pictures from the event. The Miami Herald also covered the event and you can find pictures here.


Video courtesy of youtube.

Also, don’t forget to go to and post a comment about how great Bike Miami days is.

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Get comfortable with riding in the road - it’s your right!

The Bike Miami Days Team invites you to a free bike ride through MiMo, Little Haiti & the Upper Eastside this Sunday to becoming safer, better, more confident city cyclists. No registration is required and it is completely free.

Officers from the City of Miami Police Department Bicycle Unit, will be on hand to teach you the basics of riding safe in the road so that you can confidently commute and run errands on your bicycle.

The day will start with an “A-B-C Quick Check”(Air, Brakes and Chain). You’ll learn how to fit your bicycle helmet for optimum safety. You will also learn the basic Rules, Rights and Responsibilities of Cyclists and Motorists before heading out for a short ride – just under 2 hours long. The ride will stop for water and bathroom breaks and learning opportunities as you’ll explore Miami’s Historic Upper Eastside neighborhoods. At the end of the ride, you’re invited to join the City of Miami Bicycle Coordinator, Collin Worth, and other volunteers for lunch. Destination to be determined.

Date: Sunday September 27, 2009

Time: 8:30am-11:15am

Where Upper Eastside City of Miami Net Office

6599 Biscayne Blvd View Map

Need More Info?


Not even the global economic recession could stop Bike Miami Days from returning. This free event will be held in downtown Miami Sunday, October 4th.  Please help make the next event the best one yet by spreading the good word. It may be the last Bike Miami Days ever, so we need to make a statement.Thanks to the Mayor’s office, the Police Chief, Deputy Chief and Downtown unit for sponsoring the event.

For more information please check out the Bike Miami Days Blog.

We’ll be drinking beers after the event, so stay tuned for drink specials and location.

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If you manage to achieve a little self control on Saturday night, and are not out until last call, please join us this Sunday August 23rd at 8:30am for the third Bike Miami Ride. This escorted bicycle ride with volunteers and City of Miami Police officers is a leisurely,  non-competitive bike ride. It is completely free and you will learn how to become a better, safer, more confident cyclist through some of Miami’s neighborhoods. Meet at Mary Brickell Village (in the open space between S. Miami Avenue and SE 1st Avenue, behind Starbucks & Balans). Bring your bike, helmet, and a bottle of water for the ride through Little Havana, Brickell and the Roads neighborhoods.  And even if you were out until last call, breaking a sweat will do wonders for a hangover.

We hope to see you out there bright eyed and bushy tailed!!!

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The City of Miami, and especially the Mayor’s Bike Miami Days coordintor, Kathryn Moore, are recognized as being part of the Best of Miami. Run out and pick up a copy of Miami Today to see what else made the cut.


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Regurgitating some news here-mostly from the Herald- and adding a layer of commentary.

  • Bicycle Advocates, led by the Green Mobility Network are inserting themselves into the planning process in South Miami. Click here to catch up with the effort to make Sunset Drive more amenable to bicyclists. This is a worthy initiative, and one that has some direct spin-off from the work being already accomplished in the City of Miami.  Realtor Lisa Fox is states “We should be doing things like what the mayor of Miami did,” referring to Bike Miami Days as a potential event alternative to widening Sunset for Bicycle Lanes.  Agreed, but South Miamians should not be distracted, this street needs better access for bicyclists with lanes that could transition into shared use lane marking once entering the core of the city’s commercial district.
  • FPL’s attempt to place high voltage lines in South-Dade is  inspiring opposition. Beyond being a real blight on the landscape, and promising potential adverse health impacts, the present plan places the lines along the M-Path/Metrorail corridor. Yes, just what we need after finally getting some funding to fix this long neglected recreation corridor…I can see it now, the M-Path gets fixed only to be torn up by power line construction. Stay tuned and involved on this issue, its bound to be big fight. A “Residents Against FPL Transmission Lines” has been set up on Facebook.
  • It seems a large chunk of Miami-Dade’s stimulus money ($87 million)  is going to be spent on maximizing the size of the Dolphin/Palmetto Interchange. This one really gets under my skin. If you read the story(warning: the before and after images are shocking), the plan is to spend nearly 600 million dollars on fixing an interchange that when first built was ill-designed. While I agree the original design is dysfunctional, I am not a whole lot more confident that this time around the result will be any different. Indeed, years and years of research demonstrate that by adding capacity only induces demand as users who sought alternatives return to the system sensing it will be improved for the long term-a classic problem with conventional traffic engineering thought. Once completed, look for congestion to return within a year of completion. Oh, and the $180 million they spent on right-of-way acquisition likely takes formerly tax positive land uses off the roles. That means the cost is even greater for the taxpayer in the long run. Surely that money could be better spent on projects thatactually increase tax dollar revenue, improve access and mobility, and which do not further promote the unchecked use of fossil fuels. A few underfunded transit projects do come to mind, alas…
  • Finally, news from a city that is getting it right. New York City has officially pedestrianized Times Square. Click here and here for some livable streets porn.

Hi all, writing from New York City this morning…unfortunately I was unable to make the final Bike Miami Days event, but I  have heard it was a great way to close the BMD season. Thanks to all who came out, volunteered, and help make all of these incredible events happen over the past 7 months.

Second, please fill out this brief 11-question survey for the City of Miami’s Bicycle Master Plan, an effort to which my new consulting firm The Street Plans Collaborative recently began work. Also, in the near future look for the announcement for some public events in which you may come out and participate in the planning effort.

Finally, John Hopkins of the Green Mobility Network and writer of the excellent Spokes n’ Folks blog, reports this about the M-Path:

Today’s agenda for the Miami-Dade Commission meeting included an item to transfer $700,000 so that badly needed repairs to the M-Path could begin this year instead of in 2012. I just got word that Commissioner Sosa had pulled the item — 8 (J)(1)(A) — from the consent agenda. That may only mean she has questions about it, but it might also mean she opposes it. I’ve called to find out, and am waiting for an answer. If you’re close to County Hall today, I encourage you to drop in on the meeting and see what happens. This may be an important day to speak up respectfully for the M-Path’s importance.

The funds in today’s agenda item won’t carry out the full M-Path Master Plan, but they would be enough to do a significant part of the work that is needed to attract new riders and make the path safer and more agreeable for those of us already relying on it for commuting and recreation.

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Hey all, a quick reminder that Bike Miami Days comes ’round for it’s nation leading seventh time this Sunday.  Check out the Bike Miami Days website for all the details you need…and more.

While it may be hard to top last month’s Grove performance, and it really was a performance, Sunday promises to be another excellent day for the livable streets movement in Miami. If you see Manny Diaz floating around, or any of his staffers, please join Transit Miami to say ‘thank you!’ They, along with the DDA and countless other city partners and volunteers, have put in countless hours making these fantastic events happen on a monthly basis. And while I too will be suffering from BMD withdrawals, word is that they will resume early in the fall, once we can predict the weather a little better and not sweat buckets.

I leave you with the below image, snapped by Transit Miami contributor Felipe Azenha. Felipe says, “I love the attached advisory, but look where they put it.  In the middle of the sidewalk!  If you are disabled or a parent with a stroller you are screwed.” Felipe’s right, move it over a few more feet!


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Okay, humor me on the title of this one…

Our  nation leading sixth Bike Miami Days turned out to be the best yet, with thousands of Bike lovin’, orange wearin’, livable street advocatin’ Miamians enjoying the day. Highlights are numerous, including the unveiling of two new art racks, a rally featuring nearly a thousand orange clad participants, the raffle and bike decorating contest, and the parade itself conducted in honor of the events co-host, the Dutch Consulate and their annual Queen Beatrix celebration.

From here, I will let the pictures tell the story. Thanks again, and as always, to Mayor Diaz, the City of Miami, Eleven Leprechauns, and the scores of volunteers for making Bike Miami Days a reality. Also a special thanks to Kathryn Moore in the Mayor’s office who, month in and month out, is the tireless purveyor/architect of all things Bike Miami Days.






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This Sunday at 2pm, Transit Miami will be hosting what will surely be the biggest and best after party of the year. Many thanks to our sponsor, Eleven Leprechauns who are offering the following specials:  Free Mimosa as well as a  lunch special (salad, pizza, or sandwich and a soft drink for $8.99) until 5pm. After 5pm they will be offering 2 for 1 drinks.  Bike Miami Days volunteers will also receive a free lunch. Performing from 12-4pm will be  the hilarious Model Citizen improv troupe.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Dutch Orange Bicycle Parade.  As always, visit the Bike Miami Days blog  for all of the latest and greatest news related to the event.

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Next Sunday, April 26, Bike Miami Days returns, and this time the Magic City’s best car-free event is being held in the center of Coconut Grove. Word on the street is that Grove merchants are really gearing up for the event, with many offering discounts, specials, and giveaways. Additionally, there will be many concurrent events  occurring throughout the day, including kid-centric activities, live music, entertainment, and an an Orange Bike Parade- hosted by our friends at the Dutch Embassy in Miami (follow that link to sign up for a free orange shirt, and a chance to win one of two Dutch Royale Gazelle bicycles!) Also, dozens of organizations will be on hand to promote their good work. The Bike Miami Days website has all of the details.

Look for me too,  as I will be on hand to discuss Miami’s Bicycle Master Plan, which commences next week! Feel free to approach me to discuss all of your frustrations, routes, and best ideas on improving bicycling conditions in the City of Miami. More details on this to follow next week…

Finally, the Transit Miami After Party will be held at Eleven Leprechauns, located at 3120 Commodore Plaza. This family-friendly celebration of all things livable streets begins at 2pm and will feature, drink and food specials, live music, and features the return of the Model Citizens improv comedy troupe. We hope to see you there.

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