This is indeed Miami-Dade County’s largest transportation event.

It’s most important that we, the citizenry, attend and speak-up about our own thoughts on the future of public transportation in our community.

2 Responses to 2015 Transportation Summit PSA (Video)

  1. Mike Arias says:

    I truly hope that, the elected, transportation and roadway officials that will be attending the Transportation Summit will listen to the needs of the traffic mobility needs of the commuters residents / taxpayers !

    Lets hope that, we obtain concrete commitments / timeframes and not more broken promises of smoke and mirrors which do nothing to address and resolve the current transportation and traffic gridlock woes which are currently being experienced by all commuters on All of the public roadways throughout Miami Dade which is only going to become worse in the near future as the number of residents continues to increase.

    To be considered a world class City how about making the much needed and long overdue investments to improve the much needed public roadways, mass transportation infrastructure, and public safety on ALL of the roadways for the benefit of ALL of the residents and visiting tourists which is POOR at best.

    Lets hope that, someday Miami Dade will obtain the PREMIER ranking of being LAST in the State of Florida in all motor vehicle fatality related categories in liue of currently being ranked # 1 in the State.

    In addition, The State of Florida is also currently ranked 3 rd in the Nation leading in ALL fatalities categories on All of the public roadways throughout the State as well.

    Lets ALL work together to make ALL of the local HAZARDOUS public roadways ( Krome Avenue, Tammiami Trail,I-95, Okeechobee Road, and numerous others throughout the State) SAFE for ALL of the residents and visiting tourists which is in everyones public safety vested interests.


  2. No One says:

    After attending this summit, it seems perfectly obvious to me who is to blame for the miserable state of public transit in Miami.Stand-up and be recognized Dade County Commissioners!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


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