Ladies and gentlemen: We present to you an important, visionary opportunity to support the creation of not only the first private railway network linking Miami and Orlando via the All Aboard Florida initiative, but also a recreational trail along that same 230-mile stretch!AllAboard_Arriving_web

All Aboard Florida is the ambitious project intended to link Miami and the greater Southeast Florida region with Orlando and the greater Central Florida region. It’s something we at TransitMiami are particularly excited about, and, frankly, you should be too!

What’s even more exciting, though, is the vision being advanced by the non-profit Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. With our (meaning the people’s) support, Rails-to-Trails hopes to make a small but significant modification to the All Aboard Florida railway plan: ADD A TRAIL!


That’s right, along with connecting Miami to Orlando with a much-needed railway, why not add a multi-use trail connecting these nodes (and everything in between) too?!

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is asking for our help in this regard with the following message:

Imagine traveling from Miami to Orlando by rail-trail!

It could happen, thanks to a new rail expansion project called All Aboard Florida. But your voice is needed to make sure rail-trail opportunities are included in the plan.

Take action now: Urge the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to include a trail alongside new rail service as part of All Aboard Florida.

All Aboard Florida is a proposed rail connection between Miami and Orlando. This rail line will be America’s first privately built, privately maintained inter-city rail services since the creation of Amtrak.

The best part is that the 230-mile rail corridor also provides an excellent opportunity for trails alongside the railway.

Right now, the FRA is in the early stages preparing an environmental impact study of All Aboard Florida — and they’re accepting public comments through Wednesday, May 15. It’s the perfect time for you to speak out for the inclusion of rail-trails in the plan!

The window for submitting public commentary on this possibility is about to be closed, so be sure to submit your message of support for the addition of a trail alongside the All Aboard Florida railway as soon as possible.

jxvl-baldwin_rt_bloving225x175Let’s make our voices heard: Write a quick, passionate, powerful message to the Federal Railroad Administration in support of a 230-mile trail from Miami to Orlando!


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4 Responses to All Aboard Florida: Please Add a Trail to that Railway!

  1. Juan Navarro says:

    I think that there needs ot be more of public awareness campaign for this, a unified group that can take to the airways/internets to get the word out. it’s sorley needed. Many people jsut don’t know. Those who have been against this are organized, and organized well through monetary means, to attack these ideas and make sure, it dones’t happen. Be it the car dealerships or just corrupt officials, they have the game to have riddled this till now, but if there was group that could bring in votes and bring media, and bring focus to this problem we could start steering things in the right direction.


  2. Gerald (Gary) England says:

    I feel strongly a rail-to-trail would be an excellent addition to the proposed rail system between Orlando and Miami. In the state of FL there are tousands of bike enthusiasts in the state of FL who would enjoy this bike trail. Additionally, it would draw other bike enthusiasts from other states, increasing the state’s tax revenue.


  3. Kelsey says:

    This would be a great addition!!!


  4. SEFTA says:

    Finally, this vast right of way should be the foundation of transit and biking in SE Florida.It has been allowed to be the MOST wasted space in Florida. This will be a major transformation for the region


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