They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This particular photo speaks to the state of pedestrian safety in Miami — beat-up and run-down!

Location: Brickell Bay Drive & 12 Street. Thanks to TransitMiami reader Keith Lawler for sending this one in!

Location: Brickell Bay Drive & 12 Street.
Thanks to TransitMiami reader Keith Lawler for sending this one in!

According to Keith Lawler, the Brickell denizen who submitted this photo, this well-intended, yet seemingly ineffective, pedestrian safety signage is now, as of May 29, gone completely . . .

Something’s got to give . . .

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7 Responses to Beat-Up and Run-Down: Miami’s Pedestrian Safety

  1. Gables says:

    Ha! If I stopped at all similar intersections and took pictures of dangerous pedestrian crossings (or lack of crossings) it would be a full-time job.

    In related news, I see that the city of Miami is attempting to take ownership of Brickell Ave from SW 8th street to U.S. 1. (see article here: The weird part is that the FDOT is requiring the city in turn give FDOT control over several streets in Overtown. I would like someone to explain to me why FDOT needs or wants control over so many local streets? I would think that with local control also comes the power to increase the safety on these streets for pedestrians and bikes.


  2. Juan Navarro says:

    Sad thing is, and God forbid, but until shit hits the fan and somebody gets KILLED in a very public way,will anyone ever hope to shame the people in charge to do what right, and be on top of this. It’s not just putting up signs or making the laws, ITS ENFORCING IT, doing the damn JOB.


  3. Ryan says:

    These signs started appearing in Chicago about a year ago and to my surprise people started stopping at crosswalks. True, they aren’t the best infrastructure and here too they don’t last terribly long. I do think they have a good purpose of informing the public about a law there might not be much awareness of.

    I’ve noticed these signs work best for two lane streets, on four lane streets motorists are still likely to ignore them.


  4. Kyle says:

    Those signs have worked to slow down drivers in Brickell. Compared to what it used to be like, it makes crossing the streets a million times better. Cars drive slow and stop making pedestrians feel safe.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The City of Miami Planning Dept is full of ignorant barely educated people in it. I remember attending city planning board meetings and the things planning dept people say are ignorant and even the planning board complained (same with code compliance). The public works dept actually has very knowledgeable people. I suppose the turnover in city government has just been bad.

    However, the city planning issues are at least 10 years behind on modern techniques and proper response to current city needs (forget about future planning). Oh, and the community be damned - giving developers as much as they want is the game!

    On the issue of FDOT controlling roads in Overtown, from what I understand FDOT is planning on expanding the Interstate in Overtown which means permanent road closures. Ask the city about it. History repeats itself.


  6. Pots Sign says:

    I’ve seen many a clueless driver stop at those when there’s no pedestrians in sight. No comprende ingles?


  7. mike arias says:


    Apparently the human carnage unfortunately continues to repeatedly occur to the pedestrians and bicyclists on the high traffic volume roadways throughout south Florida.

    Last week 1 pedestrian fatality occurred in North Dade, 2 fatalities occurred in east Dade at Kendall drive and 68 ct for a combined total of 3 fatalities occurring within a 2 week timeframe throughout Miami Dade.

    1 bicyclist was killed in west Dade at Coral Way and 108 Ave on Saturday evening for a combined total of 4 fatalities occurring in south Florida.

    These tragic fatalities undoubtedly prove that additional mid block pedestrian crosswalks are desperately much needed throughout Miami Dade (for example at a minimum every 2 1/2 block interval) for pedestrians to be able to easily access and utilize whenever needed.

    In addition, ALL of the pedestrian crosswalks need to be properly designed that allows the pedestrian / bicyclists user to activate emergency warning lights in order to stop oncoming vehicles so that, they can safe cross a roadway in liue of currently providing a pedestrian crosswalk at locations on public roadways without this essential safety feature and then expect the pedestrians and / or the bicyclists to cross high volume roadways at their own risks and / or to literally fend for their lives which is totally unacceptable and insane.

    I would like to see the genius designer of these unsafe pedestrian crosswalks attempting to cross a roadway at these high volume traffic locations.

    Granted, although there maybe some reckless pedestrians and bicyclists that, will not use the designated pedestrian crosswalks provided on the public roadways I do believe that, this will be a small minority number in liue of the majority that will or at least it will be provided with an option for the pedestrians and /or the bicyclists which is currently not available on many of the public roadways throughout Miami Dade and or the State of Florida as well.

    It is no wonder why Miami Dade leads the State in all motor vehicle related fatalities and the State of Florida is currently ranked 3 rd in the Nation as well with the great potential of advancing in this category rankings which is shameful and appalling.

    Ironically, some elected officials consider and often refer to Miami as a world class city and perhaps this is accurate in some categories such as : weather, beaches, restaurants, shopping locations etc) however when it comes to public safety for the pedestrians, the bicyclists (which are the most vulnerable users on the public roadways) and the motorists I can tell you based on quantifiable statistical figures which are readily available that, we are miserably failing in these categories.

    In addition, in liue of improving on annual basis in these categories we are either showing no improvements and / or regressing in some categories with no one apparently being held accountable.

    Perhaps the roadway entity officials responsible for overseeing public safety on the public roadways throughout Miami Dade and the State as well should become elected positions in liue of them being appointed in order to bring about some much needed accountability.

    Our dissatisfaction with these existing public safety deficiency issues needs to be repeatedly provided and communicated to our elected officials ( at all levels ( local, state and federal) so that, eventually someday they will bring about much needed urgent reforms to benefit everyones public safety vested interests on the public roadways.

    The goal or objective is to hopefully STOP the current carnage and massacre which is unfortunately currently occurring to the pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists using the public roadways throughout Miami Dade and the State as well.


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