As details begin to pour in about the hit and run incident that killed South Miami cyclist and family man, Christoper Lecanne yesterday morning, obtained the following statement from the motorist’s publicist:

This has been a terrible tragedy that resulted from this accident and both Carlos and his family are devastated. Lives were changed forever and two families are grieving and going through an extremely difficult time. Carlos’ wish at this time is for everyone’s thoughts and prayers to be with the victim and his family. He is profusely saddened and shocked with what has happened and his hopes are that we all reach out to help the family at this time for their loss. Him and his entire family extend their deepest condolences and pray that God accompany both families in such a devastating time. I thank you for being so respectful in your message and understanding this is a hard time for everyone involved.

Best Regards, Patty Rodriguez, The Rosemine Group

In sharp contrast to the hit and run death of fellow cyclist Rodolfo Rojo just a few months ago, this tragic incident and its aftermath was witnessed by hundreds of people and has elicited an outpouring of response from both the cycling community and media. More information is coming out about the victim, and leaders in our community - from former City of Miami Manny Diaz to Miami Bicycle Coordinator Collin Worth - are stepping up to offer their support for the Lecanne family and friends. If you would like to be more involved, please leave us a comment below. Follow for details of upcoming memorial rides and events and please, write to your representatives and ask them what they are doing to improve safety on our roadways.

The Miami Open Streets Team (formerly Bike Miami Days) regular meeting will be held tomorrow at The Wallflower Gallery at 6pm. The free and family-friendly meeting will be immediately followed by a discussion of this tragedy and you are welcome to attend.

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8 Responses to Bertonatti Responds to Tragedy through Publicist

  1. KeyRat says:

    I’m not going to come out in defense of a drunk driver who killed someone, but I have to say that any cyclist in Miami should be very aware that Miami has some of the worst drivers in the world, and no amount of traffic stops is going to change that.

    The drivers license exam costs a meager $15 and doesn’t even require drivers actually drive on the road. It’s completely legal to drive and talk on the phone, or even to text while driving. Ask any random non-cyclist what the law is regarding cyclists when driving and they don’t have a clue. As a cyclist you can go out there with the false sense of security that because you’re legally allowed to be on the road (or in a bike lane next to 60mph traffic) that you’re safe, but in this town (and state), you’re clearly not.

    As a Key Biscayner who regularly uses a bike to get around the island but would not consider myself a cyclist (and would never drive in the ‘bike lane’ anywhere along the rickenbacker), I see the dangers on a regular basis. I see the careless drivers who think that because a cyclist is in there way it’s appropriate to intimidate them by driving their cars closer to them.

    You’ll never fix this mentality or situation by stricter enforcement or penalties; this is clearly a problem at the level of what it means to be allowed to drive on the road, and what qualifications are required. Until this is resolved it will always be dangerous to be cycling next to 60mph traffic. Don’t be naive; your hobby is akin to basejumping even if it doesn’t seem like it on the surface.


  2. Key Rat makes a lot of valid points, but it is not a status quo we can accept.

    Based on national statistics, cyclists are about 10 times as likely to be involved in a fatal accident as a motorist.

    There is no question that being a cyclist in a car centric society carries great risk. That risk may be worse here in Miami, but people in Houston and Boston and other cities will also make a pretty good case for the severity of danger on their streets for cyclists.

    What we don’t want to lose sight of when one of these tragedies occurs is the other side of the coin - the joys and benefits of riding. When a rider gets killed, particularly a rider who was following all the rules, it tends to make us all a little skittish about our next ride.

    But this is a chicken and egg problem. We need more people to ride in order to get motorists more use to driving with cyclists and to get more attention from politicians and bureaucrats. And to make things happen more quickly (maybe “less slowly” would be a better phrase) on the political front, we need to stand united. The politicians love it when we fragment into smaller groups over issues that are basically about human ego because then their hand is not forced by the loss of a large block of votes.

    Ride safe, but ride more.


  3. That statement is a load of bull. There is not one iota of apology or remorse in there, just textbook words on how to deal with a crisis to the image. Disgusting.


  4. Marc305 says:

    I have been reading blogs and posts all day on this animal that fled the scene, and you are right Daniel his publicity machine is working over time for him with a whole lot of bull.
    I am hopefull that the jury will be able to see through this crap and send him to jail for a long time.
    Most of the articles you read prior to this are about his looks, that may have helped him in the past but it will sure be a liability when he gets to the big house.


  5. John P says:

    Crimes like this should be considered as murder and treated as harshly as first degree murder. I cannot imagine a more horrible thing to do to a human being and add to that, cowardly. This statement is nothing but a bunch of recited crap, without any form of apology or explanation. This guy deserves to rot in jail.


  6. Judy says:

    He is shocked by what has happened? As if it happened by itself and he had no part in it. Just more of the same for someone that takes a deadly weapon in his hands when drunk and points it at innocent people and then drives away dragging a bicycle. This statement just points more to his guilt.

    Yes, and don’t try to blame the cyclist. He was in a bike lane. Anyone that drives impaired can kill anyone.. a cyclist, another motorist, a pedestrian on the sidewalk…


  7. bikepacker67 says:

    I doubt Patrick was there.
    More likely, Pat is part of the “Save Carlos” spin campaign.


  8. Genaro Gonzalez says:

    Was the driver at Club Space right before he got in his car?

    Is it true the driver had no drivers license?

    Was he doing drugs at Club Space?


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