A cyclist was struck by a car yesterday morning in Key Biscayne. According to the Miami Herald, the cyclist ran a red light and was then struck by the car. If this accurate, it does not surprise me one bit. Quite frankly, there are too many testosterone-filled cyclists out there giving good cyclists a bad name. All cyclists need to start obeying the rules of the road if they want to earn the respect of motorists. Running red lights and breaking other traffic laws makes all cyclists look bad. It goes without saying that cyclists will usually end up on the losing end in a collision with a 3000 lb vehicle. Please let us know if you have more details of this accident.

16 Responses to Bicyclist Injured in Key Biscayne

  1. thank you for not being one of those that always blames the driver no matter what.


  2. Peter Smith says:

    yeah, thanks fuckface. say whatever the fuck you want. you don’t know shit, but you’re ready to crucify someone who is IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL. douchebag.

    go ahead, continue to say whatever the fuck you want, and i’ll be right here to say whatever the fuck i want.

    also, see if you can go ahead and suffer through an entire fucking article and you might find something interesting, namely - this phrase: “Unlike previous incidents”.



  3. Miami 21 is a MUST! says:

    Can someone please answer my question on the previous article? Should we be worried? I’m trying to help Miami and support Miami21 as much as possible, some support from you guys would help.


  4. Ouch says:

    Harsh response, however a poorly timed criticism of cyclists on TM’s part. While I agree there is irresponsibility on behalf of motorists and cyclists, perhaps a mention of your desire that the cyclist gets well soon may have been an ideal position of a bicycle advocate.


  5. Prem says:

    Resorting to cursing on a public media forum like this is stupid and irresponsible.
    It’s not way to get a point across or change anyone’s mind.

    Felipe said it wouldn’t surprise him, not that he’s “Okay” with bicyclists being hit.


  6. Felipe Azenha says:

    Hey Peter,
    Take a chill, get of the roids and reread my post. My guess is that you are one of the bad bicyclists that gives good cyclists a bad name and believes that cyclists are always right. I did not crucify the cyclist that was injured. Any of your future foul-mouthed comments will be deleted.

    As far as “poorly timed criticism” goes, if you follow my posts, I tend to side with cyclists. Quite frankly, I am pretty disgusted by the attitude of some cyclists who ride. Some think they own the road and they don’t believe the law applies to them while they are on two wheels.

    I do hope the cyclist and the driver and her two children are ok. If the facts are correct, this is an accident that did not need to happen.


  7. Carlos says:

    You’re absolutely on target Felipe! I don’t ride with groups anymore because of the scofflaws.


  8. Always says:

    To Miami 21 is a MUST!
    Having people there to support it is always good. Some changes that come out as a result of June 2 may be bad, but others may not affect the fundamentals of the code. We should always be worried and do whatever we can to maintain the basics intact.


  9. Austin says:

    I think you did preface this correctly, ‘if this is accurate’. Some people, especially online, get really angry quick. You are simply just stating a valid point based on your preface.


  10. John says:

    Miami has some of the worst drivers and now we have some of the worst bicyclist in the country too. yaaay -_-


  11. not to make an excuse for the cyclist but give some perspective. At that time of the morning, most of the lights in the village are flashing yellow, the rider could simply have zoned out after passing so many flashing yellows and have not expected the red light. it’s still his fault 100% but not because he’s a testosterone filled cyclist. he also wasn’t in group ride that morning, he was riding solo.


  12. Fernando says:

    I agree 100% with Felipe, as a cyclist I feel we have to obey the laws just as motorist should.


  13. Giovanni Jimenez says:

    It’s about educating cyclist and motorist alike.

    Deserve the respect of motorist?

    I’ve been rear ended by an SUV on Ponce, I’ve had garbage thrown at me ,yelled at, honked at and you’re telling me i DON’T deserve the respect of motorist?

    Motorist and cyclist need to respect each other, period. Not because you think we do, because it’s the law.


  14. KB bicyclist says:

    The local weekly Key Biscayne newspaper, The Islander News, had a picture of the wrecked car on the front page with a caption quoting the chief of police that the [student] driver hit the bicyclist after mistaking the gas pedal for the brake pedal. When I rode by the scene an half an hour after the accident the SUV was lodged in a palm tree on the left side of the median on Island Drive. I cross this intersection daily. it is very busy on weekdays, heavily policed, and we do stop for this red light. I have doubts of the accuracy of the Miami Herald report stating that the bicyclist ran a red light based on the accident scene. The likely scenario is car made a left turn, failed to yield [mistaking gas for brake pedal], and hit him.
    The opinion of Felipe seems in particularly poor taste considering that the [solitary] bicyclist was taken to the hospital with two broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and an injured leg.
    “Quite frankly, there are too many testosterone-filled cyclists out there giving good cyclists a bad name”


  15. Ouch says:

    Thank you for that KB bicyclist, there is usually more to the story. My thoughts and prayers to a speedy recovery to the injured cyclist.


  16. Felipe Azenha says:

    Sorry folks, but not once did I directly attack the cyclist that was injured. I prefaced this post by saying “If the Miami Herald article is accurate…” a BIG “IF” and it seems like the Miami Herald article may in fact be inaccurate.
    I have been hearing more and more rumors that perhaps it was not the bicyclist’s fault. I am trying to find the facts here, and will pass them along as I get more information.
    That being said, perhaps my choice of the words “testosterone filled cyclists” could have been more carefully chosen. It still does not change the fact that there are way too many reckless cyclists out there which don’t believe the rules of the road apply to them. They put themselves and other users of our roadways in precarious situations.
    I hope the cyclist recovers quickly and look forward to getting his side of the story.


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